Hernia Mesh Infections: Five Symptoms You Should Never Overlook

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Lifting and excessive bending result in Hernia. Regardless, of a hernia developing from a C-section or bending, hernias are painful. Anyone can suffer from a hernia. And in most cases, it gets treated by implanting a surgical hernia mesh. Over a million hernia repairs get conducted in the U.S. every year. However, sometimes surgeries lead to specific complications.

The Hernia Mesh Complications

Any hernia mesh complications can cause severe damages. And surgery is required to resolve hernia mesh complications. The complexities include bowel obstruction, adhesion, migration, and bowel perforation. There have been instances where after a hernia mesh implant, patients have witnessed hernia recurrence and infection. These complications take place right after the surgery. Sometimes, the infections start showing up after one year of the operation.

Symptoms of Hernia Mesh Infections

 An infected hernia mesh is life-threatening. Majority of these infections can’t be treated by merely taking in antibiotics. And a hernia mesh revision surgery is excruciatingly painful. It is also very time-consuming. Do you want to know more the mesh complications? If yes, then you can research by typing in 5 Signs You Have Hernia Mesh Complications · MedTruth and the like. It will allow you to know better.

1. There’s abdominal inflammation

Sometimes when your abdomen is painful, tender and swollen after surgery, it indicates an inflammation. Majority of the hernia meshes are composed of Polypropylene. It results in internal inflammation. And this usually, results in prolonged, chronic pain.

2. You feel pain in your groin

Patients do face pain after surgery. However, when the pain continues and restricts your daily activity, it could indicate something dangerous. In most cases, the hernia is infected causing excruciating pain. And the scar tissue might also lead to fatal nerve damage.

3. You feel flu symptoms

When you are combating infections, the body can experience flu-like symptoms. It is your body’s response to the existing infection and also that it is trying to get rid of it. The patient’s here might also experience severe chills, fever and feel nausea and want to vomit. If the flu-like symptoms persist, then you should consult your doctor without further delay.

4. There is incision warmth

You need to know that infection brings a warm sensation. Hence, individuals with hernia mesh complications should take note of their incisions and also make sure if they can sense an average temperature. You might not have any build-up fluid in the site. But still, doctors recommend checking the site temperature. When the temperature fluctuates between hot and warm, it indicates a hernia mesh infection.

5. You are not healing

It is one of the primary symptoms. So pay close attention to your hernia incision site. The infected hernia mesh might pause the healing for a prolonged time. The place might feel tender and remain pink. It might also form a seroma, which is a fluid build-up, making the site very painful. When you sense that you are not healing at all, know that it can stem from a hernia mesh infection.

Furthermore, few patients also witness dental issues as a response to hernia mesh infections. There are times when individuals think any discomfort as a sign of healing and get misguided. These people go untreated. Hence, be aware of hernia mesh infection symptoms and treat yourself back to normalcy.

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