How can you choose the ideal menstrual cup size?

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So, you want to know about menstrual cup. Well, you are in the right place. Here you find all the significant information about the menstrual cup. A menstrual cup is also known as diva cup, lily cup, period cup, and instead cup, etc. The period cup is feminine hygiene product which the women used. Women insert the menstrual cup in their vagina to stop the blood from comes out. Women use the menstrual cup during the periods or menstruation cycle.  It is the best product as compared to pads and tampons, and it is easily at reasonable prices.

The main aim of the menstrual cup is to prevent the fluid which is mainly the blood that comes out from the vagina during periods or menstruation cycle. There are many companies which sell the menstrual cup. Users need to select the best quality instead cup at more effective prices. Among all the cups one of the best and most common is the Daisy Menstrual Cup. These are best in use and users can make use of them for a long time. The daisy cup is more flexible and easier to use as compared to all other menstrual cups.

Choose the perfect size

It means that while one can going to buy the best quality menstrual cup, they need to check and choose the most appropriate type and size. These cups are present in both small and large size, and users are free to select the perfect size according to their choice or comfort level. The sizes of the menstrual cups are divided according to the age of women. The small size menstrual cups are for those women who don’t cross the age of 30 which means for those who don’t give vaginal birth.

On the other side, the large size menstrual cups are for those women who crossed the age of 30 or who give birth to a child. The large size menstrual cups are for older ladies or women and the small size period cups are for teenagers and young girls. While going to buy a menstrual cup, one must also check its length according to their comfort level. The length of the menstrual cup is distributed in two categories, and that is short and tall.

More things to know

Not only this, a menstrual cup is far more effective and efficient in use. Before going to use or wear it one must know all the essential and basic things about it properly. The more and more you know about instead cup, the more easily and properly you use it. Users or women also consider some essential factor while going to purchase a menstrual cup. Some of the most common and necessary factors are given below –

  • Price
  • Reviews
  • Quality
  • Size
  • Type

These all are the main factors on which you must pay more attention. It helps you to get the best and proper quality product at cheaper rates. Read the reviews carefully before you make your final selection

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