How can you grow your business by offering valet parking to your customers?

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Valet parking is a value-added service for your business. It has the potential to increase convenience and improve customer satisfaction on your property. Aside from added benefits, they also improve the traffic flow and parking options for your enterprise. Whether you are the owner or manager of a restaurant, designer store, luxury lifestyle store or a jewelry store, you might want to consider appointing a valet parking partner for your establishment. A professional service provider should increase the convenience for your business in multiple ways. Here’s how it usually works –

It will help you increase your business proceeds

For multiple businesses, valet parking has improved the customer satisfaction levels in the past. Including valet service within your business services enhances the prestige of the business, and it helps enhance the overall customer experience by making parking super easy. People will not have to walk from the parking to your store and back. They can wait inside, while the chauffeur brings their vehicle up front for their convenience. It is especially rewarding for restaurant businesses and jewelry stores that want to improve their revenue without making a huge dent in their working capitals. Learn more about valet privileges at

Valet parking maximizes your parking capacity

Self-parking is excellent for arcades and shopping malls, but for small businesses with a limited free parking spot, you need to make the best of the curbside places you have. When customers park their vehicles on their own, you can be sure that they will not make the optimal use of the space they have. Parallel parking is an art, and experienced valet parking service has mastered that skill for years. They park vehicles for a living so you can be sure of the optimum usage of the space and the safety of the cars.

It makes the non-relevant part of shopping quicker

Imagine going for dinner with your family or shopping with your kids and not having to find a parking spot for eternity. Just think about all the time you will save by not walking to and fro between your car and the store. You will never have to worry about pushing the shopping cart out into the parking lot, loading your stuff and putting it back in the line, before driving off. No more wondering aimlessly after a few too many drinks with dinner because you cannot remember where you parked earlier in the evening. Valet parking will solve all these problems for your customers, and it will add a premium feel to your business. You can always charge your customers an additional fee for accessing the valet service, but in most cases, customers are happy to pay a small amount that gets rid of all the parking problems that come with a fun day out.

There are a few things you might need to start offering valet services, and that would include signs, podiums, key cabinets and professionals on hire. Most reputed services provide these on rent. You don’t even have to hire valet services full-time. You can begin by paying by the hour and see how the revenues improve over time.

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