How I am Detoxing my life #DetoxYourLife

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detox your life

I am sure everyone want to make their life better/healthier. Here are some ways I am detoxing my life/home.

Meditation–  I have just tried this once so far but I did download an app to help me. It is very hard to shut your mind off

Decluttering- Clutter stresses me out. I have a donation bin that I keep in my bedroom. Every time I find something that I don’t use or want anymore I put it in the bin. Once it is full I take it to Goodwill.

Spending Less– Money can be a very stressful thing to deal with. I have signed up for 31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero challenge that starts October 1st.  I am hoping that it helps me rethink my spending/purchases.

Switching to natural products-  I already switched all of my cleaning products to all natural products. I have also been trying to slowly switching health & beauty products to more natural products.

Essential Oils- I just recently purchased a diffuser on Amazon and some essential oils. I have been diffusing them daily. I really like stress relief and health shield, to keep everyone healthy and me less stressed.

Candles/Air Fresheners– I use to purchase and have quite a few plugin air fresheners. Then I read several articles about all of the chemicals that are in them and released into the air. Same with candles so I am getting through my candles that I already have and then I will be switching to soy candles that don’t have all of the chemicals in them.

I teamed up with Oscar Health Insurance Company for their #DetoxYourLife project. I hope you find these tips helpful and be sure to check Oscar out for other detox posts for healthier living! What are you doing to detox your life?

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  • The Future Mrs. Vines

    I need to do so much of all of this. I’m taking baby steps to tackle everything you mentioned here.

    I am curious as to what app you’re using for meditation. I just saw a friend’s post on Facebook about an app she uses, but I can’t remember what it was called. I found it in the Google Play store, which is nice because I know she uses Android, but I couldn’t tell exactly what the app did without installing it.

    I’m always decluttering. Hopefully by March we’ll get rid of a lot of stuff because we’re trying to get into a house. That’s why I signed up for the 31 Days of Living Well & Spending Zero challenge when I saw you posted about it.

    We haven’t quite switched all our cleaning products to natural, but a good portion of them. It saves a ton of money, even though sometimes the up front cost is more. I absolutely love Norwex clothes and Biokleen home products.

    Essential oils have been another life saver for us. Even just peppermint and lavender have provided us with so many uses.

    As for candles, I’m 100% soy, but I also sell them! 🙂

    • aprilaakre

      Thanks for commenting. I downloaded 10% Happier app you get the first three sessions free and then I believe it is one time fee of $9.99. I am so glad you signed up for the Spending Zero challenge. After I get through my candles I will check out your candle website.

  • What great things – I agree with all of them but the natural. I am not big on natural products and just go with what I like. I need more candles!!! lol

  • I love my essential oils! They are amazing. As for decluttering…well, let’s just say I am not doing so well in that area. I think I’m going to start a 30 bags in 30 days type thing….

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