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I have been taking a break from using coupons. I just got burned out from printing and cutting coupons and going to so many stores to get the deals. I started this blog to share how I save money using coupons but I want to start sharing other ways to save money because there is so many ways.

Here are some of the ways I have been saving my family money:

shop sales: I get the Penny Saver on Wednesday that has all of the local stores sales flyers. I look through each one of them and checkout that week’s sales. Then I write down my list of which items I am getting at the stores and I try my best to stick to the list when I go shopping.

shop at Aldi: I really hope you have an Aldi in your area. I love Aldi so much they have great sales every week especially on produce and dairy. They have their own brand of products and you have to pay $0.25 for a cart so they don’t have to hire someone to corral the carts but you do get your quarter back when you put your cart back. You also have to bag your own groceries. They have started to carry a lot more organic products and have lower product prices than my other local stores. I save so much money by doing a majority of my shopping at Aldi.

limit your trips: I always make a shopping list that way I don’t forget anything and it saves me money because I don’t buy extra stuff. I try to pick a specific day to goocery shopping and pickup everything I need  in one stop. If I have to go out midweek for an item I might see other items while I am there and come home with more stuff.



meal plan: I did a post about this last week. You can read it here.  Every Sunday I write out my menu plan for the week that way I don’t have to try to figure out everyday at 5pm what we are having for dinner and it keeps us from getting takeout

Target Cartwheel app– If I shop at Target I always checkout the Target Cartwheel app first where you can save money on specific products. Here is an example of one of the discounts this week 50% off Archer Farms Spiral Ham and that is just one of the great discounts they have this week. You can use it up to 4 times on each product so you could buy 4 Spiral Hams and get 50% off each of them.

IPhone Apps-There are so many good IPhone apps that can help you save money. Here a few I have been using lately:

Krazy Coupon Lady– You can find store deals and search by store to find out the deals you can get. You can also print coupons from this app.

Checkout 51-If you are grocery shopping you really should download and checkout Checkout 51 app. They list out the week’s offers and if you purchase any of the   products on this weeks offers you just click on each item and then upload the receipt and then they will put money into your account. You do have to reach $20 before asking for a payout but it is so easy to upload receipt and a little bit of money here and there can add up.

Ibotta– Ibotta  is similar to Checkout 51. You search by store and you will see the list of offers and if you purchase any off those items you unlock them and upload your receipt and they will put money into your account. You do have to reach a $20 balance to have the money put into your paypal account or receive a gift card.

Amazon Subscribe & Save- I have Amazon Prime and order quite a bit from Amazon.  I get all of my paper products and more from Amazon. If you have at least 5 items on your Subscribe & Save you get an additional 15%. I don’t have to leave my house it gets delivered right to my door. I also don’t have to watch for sales and I never run out of the products .

Pantry Challenge– use what is in your pantry to make your menu plan. You won’t be wasting as much food and you won’t have to buy as much food or no food at all for the week. Here is a great post about a Pantry Challenge.

What are some ways that you save money?

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