How to be Creative with DIY Crochet – Easy steps to learn

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When it comes to crocheting, you cannot do without crocheting yarns. And working with yarns surely opens the gateway to play with lots and lots of colour strands. And it’s true that crocheting is not just about making a craft, stitching the wool, or skilfully using the crochet hook. It’s much more than just a stitch work, knitting work, or craft work. It’s about releasing the creative genius inside you to create something very physical, unique, something very usable, touchable, and worth feeling and appreciating.

Crochet work as a creative DIY project

There are many DIY projects to be tried at homes. And when a DIY work is chosen as creative craft work, the some of the things to be kept in consideration are:

  • The items needed for the creative art or craft work must be readily available, and availability should not be a concern.
  • Items needed for the DIY job must be inexpensive or affordable
  • The work must be creative enough and yet should not be too tough
  • The DIY work must be time-consuming enough to be chosen by people who love indulging their free time completely into creativity, and yet should be adjustable in such a way that the work can be left where it is to attend any other job or cause and come back later to it as per convenience.

You can start working on crochet work as a beautiful DIY project. It is fit for students, moms, homemakers, and also office goers. Ladies mainly practice this, and they love to indulge in beautiful fabric making in their free times. Some are so crazy about the indulgence in crocheting that they would rather squeeze out time from their schedule to do something nice and creative with the yarns.

The beauty of crocheting

Crocheting is one such creative work with yarns that it builds unlimited scopes to create marvels. Make a craft, a wall hanging, a stole or shawl, a cardigan or jacket, a blouse or pullover, or whatever you feel confident about or want to experiment with. You can enjoy the huge versatility with wools and knitting yarns while practicing this artwork. The craft work is perfectly suited for creative minds who love playing with patterns and colours. All you have to do is watch the shape and measurement of the thing you are weaving, and you are great to go with this art form.

Using crocheting to make beautiful items

Items to wear at house during the cold days or winters, items to wear outside in winters, comforters for breezy cold days, tablecloths, table mats, carpets, sitting mats, yoga mats, chair mats, tool covers, mufflers and jackets, caps and socks, gloves and sweaters, and all sorts of woolens can be made by crocheting. You can create wonders when supplied with the right thickness of yarn, the right colours, the right quality, and the best crochet needle.

Where to buy the wool from?

This is perhaps a very interesting question. The local stores sell wool, and then the big departmental stores in the city also sell some, and the craft store in the craft alley also sells, and then the online craft shops also sell. Then where do you go to get wool for your crochet work? The simple answer to that is where you get quality.

Crochet work is all about high-quality yarns. If your hard labor and patience on making that special designer art or wearable are gone in a few years after a few washes, just because the wool bled colour badly, got fade too soon, shrunk like hell, or got too loose and scruffy, then how disappointed would you feel! That is why the quality of the wool matters high in crocheting. If you get high quality, then go for that. And shops which keep wools in store for years may not promise this as the yarns grow old being in stock. But shops which would better bring you the best on ordering can assure quality and the latest make.

Importance of high-quality wool

In crochet work quality of the wool is very important. It’s the wool only which will be knitted in a pattern to become the fabric to wear or decorate, and therefore no other backbone, support, or background fabric exist other than the knitted wool. Therefore, you cannot afford to choose cheap wool just to compromise on quality. The texture, warmth, soft feel, and hypoallergenic nature of pure wool are available only when you choose the best quality.


DIY works like crochet work have been in practice by humans for hundreds and thousands of years. The processing of wool, the finish of the material etc. got better and better with time, but the art is old enough and is considered very rich and creative till date. Hence if you indulge in it, you would surely discover the joy of highly productive art and craft work.

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