How to become popular on Instagram?

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Instagram is a popular platform that is well known for amazing features and ability to connect with friends. You can easily find that there are billions of users on this platform just because of simple UI and Interactive features which are totally different from other platforms. Instagram gained popularity due to the features which let users share their photos and videos to friends with ease.

Another good about Instagram is popularity. Anyone can gain popularity with the use of this platform and showing your talent. It is necessary that you stay selective and choose the best methods. In this post, you will learn the method to gain more likes, comments, and followers. Make sure that you follow all wisely to avoid getting into issues in the future.

  1. Use Relevant Hashtags

The very common thing that makes Instagram widely popular is the use of hashtags. There are many hashtags to choose from, but the right one will depend upon your post. Using popular hashtags can help but not always. Due to this reason, you should use relevant hashtags and less competitive one also.

When you are uploading a post, and writing the caption then type hash and then start putting the relevant words. If it is a picture related to food, then type #Food, and you will get some suggestions. Now, you should use the one that has a higher number of posts, but it is relatively less competitive.

These methods work effectively if used in the right manner. The like-for-like and such other keywords which do not look legit and they are less reliable that’s why you should avoid them. These tags make your profile look like a fake one, and you should avoid it.

  1. Posting Time

There is no scientific rule of posting a new picture or photo, but an expert suggests that the evening time is always better. The number of active users is higher, and you are likely to get hundreds of likes in few seconds. The sudden gain in likes will make your post get viral as if your profile is open.

In addition to this, you should choose the right posting time. The evening time is always better, and you can try to post in-between 6 to 7 for better response. Almost everyone is going back to home from office or coaching. It can definitely make the post get a better response, and it is definitely the most effective method.

Posting in the morning or late in the night will be the bad option. If you post after 10 PM, then most of the people will be cooking, watching TV or they may be on chat or calls. Even, if you post early in the morning, then everyone will be going to the office or school.

  1. Things to avoid

In case, you use apps that profile free likes and followers then be selective. Some of the apps and website use bots to provide more likes. These tools can decrease the post engagement, and they can make your profile look weird.

Despite the perfect timing factor, content quality matters a lot. If you are posting plagiarized content (copied from google or someone’s profile), then many people won’t pay attention. But, if it is your original content, then you get a better response over the time.

It is necessary that all your posts are perfectly cropped and doesn’t have anything unnecessary that you don’t want to show. Posting abusive, and content with nudity is against Instagram policy. Try to post something that is for everyone.

  1. Trick to gain Followers

The hashtag is the first and legit method to gain followers but what to do after that? What Instagram promote effectively but it will cost a good amount. In case, you want to gain more followers then the effective method is giveaway content.

You can post stories and begin a competition. For example, you can ask others to suggest you new picture, content or anything that can help. In exchange, you can give a gift card of $10. You may be paying less, but you can instruct to follow on all social media profiles and leave the username there.

By such methods, you will gain more followers. If this method doesn’t work or you don’t want to try it then follow people from suggestions. Try to follow those who are not in your list and don’t stop until you follow ten to fifteen person with a genuine profile.

After following all those people, you have to wait for their follow back and when it will be done then wait for few hours and unfollow them. This method is effective to gain more followers, and it will work in most of the cases. Keep using this trick, and you will get better with time. For free likes, you can check out

  1. Content Quality

As mentioned before that the content quality is everything, and if you are not paying attention to quality content then you can end up getting into trouble. To get amazing ideas for your posts, you can follow the given below tips –

  • Instagram offers a feature to follow Hashtag, and you can try the relevant hashtags that you want to see.
  • Search any hashtag and look for pictures and create new ideas by combing new pictures and it will be easy.
  • Opt for google search and find new ideas. You can try posting food, pet, portrait and many other types of pictures without any issue and it will work perfectly.

These are some common methods preferred by professionals, and you can also try it out without a single issue. Make sure to stay selective to avoid getting into any issue in future.

The Final Verdict

Instagram is not a platform to spend your time with friends only. It is getting bigger with time and offering features to gain more popularity. For business, it is highly reliable and effective tool so they can try it out and get better with time. Gaining more visibility and marketing on Instagram is easy. So, try it out, and you will be able to get rid of every issue with ease.

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