How to Do Away with Lake Weed for Good

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As we all know, too much lake weed could be dangerous for the aquatic plants and any other native species in the lake. Therefore, it is important for you to ensure that you keep the lake free from weed at all times.

Sadly, some weeds can be problematic, hence need for special attention. If you have been struggling with Lake Weed for some time now, this is your chance to do away with the problem for good. Keep reading…

  • Design your lake – Did you know that a steep lake is rarely affected by weed overgrowth? Many species of Lake Weed will not survive on a steeply sloped lake since there is no underlying soil for them to drain nutrients from. So for the desired effects, you can try as much as possible to create steep banks on the edges of your lake.
  • Pull out the weed – Please be proactive. Do not wait until the situation gets out of hand for you to start thinking of a solution. When you notice that weed is starting to grow around your lake, pull it out as soon as possible. Ignoring the continual growth of weed will cause a more serious issue later. The weed may be out of control and this will probably cost you more time and money to deal with.
  • Invest in weed removal tools – There are quite a variety of weed removal tools in the market today. So, if you find it impossible for you to pull out the weed by hand, you could invest in a weed cutter, weed rake and any other relevant lake weed removal device that you can find. In fact, this will save you a lot of time and energy.
  • Make your lake deep – One thing that most people are unaware of is that a deeper lake is rarely affected by weed growth. Truth is, the more you deepen the lake, the more you reduce the nutrients in the soil which in the end stresses the survival of the lake weed.
  • Make use of herbicides – Herbicides are known to treat or rather kill lake weed. However, before purchasing any herbicides, take time to study your lake. As we all know, there are different species of Lake Weed and each and every species needs to be treated with particular herbicides. In fact, if you have a hard time understanding the species of weed in your lake, be sure to contact your county officials for assistance. You can also consult a herbicide dealer as they will be able to advice you on an effective solution.
  • Lastly, you can bring swans to the lake – Swans floating on the lake is a view that no one can turn down. So, enhance the aesthetic value of the lake by introducing swans into the lake. What makes swans an important piece, other than their appealing nature, is the fact that they can feed on aquatic plants and the floating algae. And this will ultimately reduce the growth of Lake Weed.
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