How To Enjoy An Eco-friendly Vacation

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How To Enjoy An Eco-friendly Vacation

So, you’ve packed up the RV to head out on your summer road trip. You’ve got everything that you need, your clothes, toiletries, and all the goodies you need to entertain the family. And, you’ve packed a big worry – how to live green while traveling.

If you live an eco-friendly life at home, then you might think you can’t do it while your on the road. But, this couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Eco-friendly RVs Actually Exist

Campgrounds, RV parks, and even RV manufacturers have made it easier than ever to live green while you are far away from your compost pile and recycling bins. You might not be able to compost, but you can certainly fill up a recycling bin and keep it safely tucked away inside of the high quality, sustainable cabinetry that many RV manufacturers are installing today.

It might not seem eco-friendly to travel in an RV, but there are many ways that RV’s actually reduce consumption and benefit the environment. For example:

Families use less water when they shower in an RV than at home.

Many people bring bicycles along with they vacation in an RV. Then, they park the RV and tool around town on their bicycles.

RV’s with LED lights use very little electricity, so most RV owners use next-to-nothing when they park their RVs and turn on the lights. People rarely leave anything on in an RV, which is very different from what happens at home.

Leaving No Trace In A Campground

It is also very easy to live green in campgrounds. The key is to follow the rule of leaving no trace. This means that everything that you bring into the campground needs to come back out when you leave.

Fortunately, there are several websites with advice for travellers who want to maintain their eco-friendly lifestyles when they are away from home. These are few tips that can help keep your footprint smaller when you are away from home:

Buy local produce and food when available.

Bring your own water bottle instead of buying cases of water.

Drive, don’t fly.

Enjoy natural tourist attractions. Take hikes. Rent kayaks.

Bringing New Eco-friendly Ideas Home

Even if you think that you are living green at home, you might learn a few things after an eco-friendly vacation. Sustainable travel often translates into new ideas that you can use at home.

You might find that your bicycle works just as well at home as it does while you are traveling. If you are lucky, you might even be able to start riding your bike to work. If work is too far away, grab a backpack and hop on your bike for quick rides to the grocery store or for other small errands.

Your family might also surprise you with new habits. Five-minute showers can actually become realities and children can turn off the lights when they leave a room. You also might start to get requests for family hikes on the trails in your community.


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