How to Go for Quality Bathroom Renovation Service for Your Home?

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It is estimated that a millennial spends over 60% of their time awake in their bathroom. There are several online jokes and memes making fun of this habit, but it is a harsh reality. Bathrooms have become a place to think about life, contemplate about existence and much more. Therefore, one should always try to keep their bathroom a clean, hygienic and habitable place. But if it’s not so, you should consider bathroom renovation.

Some Out of The Box Ideas for Inexpensive Bathroom Renovation:

  1. Countertops: People often tend to spend a lot on these because they feel the cost is less since kitchen countertops cost more. But this is not a great idea since a lot of money is spent on trying to get a costly granite countertop. You can choose from granite, quartz or marble countertops to ensure greater variety to the overall design of your kitchen. One should opt for more poppy colors too, since they are not as expensive as sober colors like brown, beige, etc. But poppy colors can be also made to look good, if it is put up against a contrasting background. You can use a combination of both light and dark colors to enhance the quality appeal of your home. You may also want to use your old dresser as a sink pedestal, since it is now a hot trend. All you have to do is chop off the top of the dresser to fit in the sink, remove the drawers according to need and then fit the plumbing in with the help of cutting holes in the back.
  2. Tiles: Another great idea to minimize expenditure during bathroom renovation is to minimize tile use. One should only use tiles on the areas where people notice the tiles most, i.e. the floor. Many modern bathrooms choose painting three sides and leaving one side tiled. You can choose from porcelain tiles that are non-porous and denser, and they are also slip-resistant so that your children and elders at home can easily use the renovated bathroom.
  3. Paint: you can choose from plastic or oil paints depending on the texture that you want for your bathroom floor and walls. But be prepared for the process to take a lot of time since painting a bathroom can be exceedingly difficult considering the number of objects there are in a bathroom, that you will have to paint around. Be sure to invest on the quality of paint as you would absolutely not want your new paint you be affected by the moisture in the bathroom. So, try and get paints with a satin finish and a high quality.
  4. Environmental friendly: If you keep the environment in mind while renovating your bathroom, you will find that you will end up saving a lot of money on the long run. Opting for a water-saving shower head is as expensive as a normal one, but it helps you save water. Buying bathroom materials second hand will also help you support the environment and be Eco-friendly since it is keeping trash out of the water. Use day to day discarded objects like holders, stands etc. These make your bathroom look aesthetic and chic.

There are a lot of expenses while trying to make a new bathroom, which is reduced if you are opting for bathroom renovation. But it still might turn out to cost you a fortune if you do not budget your bathroom renovation properly. Depending on the quality of the materials used, you can go for a small time or a long time bathroom renovation for few dollars. You can, however, update fixtures and redo some portions to give a more decent look to your bathroom.

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