How To Show Your Furry Friend You Care

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Whether you have a cat, a dog, or a fluffy bunny, we all love our furry companions. Because we love them so much, sometimes we want to do a little something extra for them. After all, they bring us so much joy and only ask that we feed and home them in return. If you want to show your pal just how much they mean to you, here are a few ways you can treat them.
Buy them new toys and play with them
While they may be attached to a particular squeaky toy, that worn out chew toy may now be infested with bacteria and other nasty things that aren’t healthy for your pet. Also, you can buy them something to encourage the both of you to have some fun together. You could buy a new ball to take on walks with your dog, or a laser dot to amuse your cat. These gifts will show them you want to play with them, without blowing your budget. Ensure you only buy toys designed for pets to guarantee their safety.
Interacting with your pets is an important way to show you care about them. Playing games increases the bond you share, builds confidence in the more shy of your furry friends, and can calm the most energetic of animals so they enjoy your down time with you.
Invest in their health
There is no better way to show your pet you love them than to invest in their long-term health. Whether you schedule them for a dental cleaning, order some frontline plus online, or take another look at the nutritional value of their food, you are showing your furry friend that you want them around for a long time.
Take them somewhere new
When you have an extra day off, take your furry friend on a little adventure. Your dog will be excited to go to the park and meet other dogs. Your cat may not be fond of the carry cage, but your friends and family might be happy to have them visit for a day. Or you could simply vary your walk route to give them new surroundings to excite them.
Groom them
Whether you take them to a professional, or you brush through their fur yourself, getting out the knots, tangles and loose fur keeps your pet hygienic and shows them you care about their welfare. Also, brushing feels like an all-over massage, so it can lead to belly rubs and back scratches. They’ll be in heaven.
Restrict their treats
While this may seem counterproductive to showing them your love, too many treats can have a detrimental effect on your pet’s health. Giving them too many treats can lead to weight gain, which in turn can lead to various health problems and diseases. Sometimes, loving them means you have to say no once in a while.
Praise them

Your dog loves hearing what a good boy they are as much as you like telling them.

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