How would you hire the best Plumber?

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We have all had friends who told us horror stories about hiring inexperienced plumbers who completely ruined the plumbing system. It should not come as a surprise that hiring a plumber is not as easy as one might think of it to be. It is quite important that you make your decision wisely and have a checklist of all the things you should look for in a plumber.  In order to choose a professional plumber, you need to check their experience level, customer reviews, and license and insurance papers.

#5 tips to choose the best and Professional Plumber:

  1. License: Asking them if they have a license registered to the country or city you live. When we tend to face emergency plumbing situation we might get tempted to call an unlicensed plumber to fix the mess but it is important to remember if they are unregistered you would not be able to register any complain against the company. They do not follow proper codes while fixing the pipes. Resorting to easier and short cut methods might get you into trouble later on. So you need to spend huge cost in future to solve the same problems. Always check their license before you hire.
  2. Cost: It is always best to confront about the plumbers about the potential costs that might be required for the job. It is important that you clear about any queries about the cost of the job that might pop up in your mind because the plumber can charge you some additional amounts at the end of the work. You should also ask them if they charge on an hourly basis or they work on a fixed price. Any good plumbers would tend to take the complete payment only after the job is done. Asking for payment upfront before the job is complete is not a great sign. Apart from that, you can also ask for the free quotes from different plumbers and compare the same to choose an affordable one.
  3. Plumbers vs. Plumbing companies: When you are thinking about hiring a plumber, it is important that you find out who will be doing the actual work. If you are contacting a plumbing company instead of going for the freelance plumber then you should always ask them who would be the one to do the actual job. Because in a number of cases while one person is sent to handle the plumbing quotes, and another one is sent to look after the actual work. It will be helpful for you to know about the experience and qualifications the plumber. You can check their previous works and customer reviews in this regard.
  4. Cleaning up the mess: It is important to ask the plumber that you have hired who will be the one that will clean up the worksite. Many of the plumbers tend to leave product parts, boxes and pools of water that you might have to clean up later on. Some plumbers or plumbing companies tend to charge an extra amount of money for cleaning up and it might be worthwhile to pay the extra fee if you do not want to handle cleaning the mess yourself.
  5. Warranty: It is important that the plumbers you are hiring give you a warranty over their work. Many warranties tend to cover almost a year of the plumber’s work. You must read the terms and conditions of their warranty and you should read their agreement carefully before you sign.

One of the best ways to find out good plumbers is to look for references. Asking your friends, families or colleagues will help you get a good plumber. Else you can search them online to choose a professional plumber.

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