Important Products for Family Day Care

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If you are planning to open your family day care, then here are some must-have products for family day care:

Rugs: No one would want their kids to sit on the barren floor. Therefore, rugs make an important product for family daycare. The best thing is they come in various designs, shape sizes and material.

Beds:Beds are an essential product for family day care centres because kids need to rest after they come from the school for few hours in a day. You can buy readymade beds, or you can also get your beds customized. Choosing double Decker beds saves a lot of space and it can handle a number of kids.

Hygiene products:You will need products ready in hand like soap, hand wash, toilet cleaner, floor cleaner, towels, hand sanitizer, floor mattresses and tissue papers to maintain hygiene and cleanliness in the centre and you can buy these products in bulk at very cheap rates.

Tables and chairs:You need an adequate amount of table and chairs for the kids who come at your daycare. You can get them made or buy the ready to use from the shops. You can also get a good deal in second-hand furniture.

Blackboard and chalks: kids love having fun with blackboard and practice their studs. You can get the blackboard or the whiteboard in your daycare centre.

Bed sheets, pillow covers, curtains and mattress: These are basic requirements of any family day care and you must have extra in hand for emergency as kids can spill things and make them dirty and they should be washed regularly.

First aid kit: It is an extremely important requirement to have. Kids are naturally naughty and can cause accidents and first aid kit at times can be a lifesaver.

Watercooler:  It is mandatory to provide your occupant with safe drinking water and water cooler with serving the purpose. Buy the one that can provide you with normal, cold and hot water.

Disposable cutlery: To maintain the hygiene it is always better to have the disposable cutlery like disposable glasses, spoons, cups plates and bowls. This will also reduce the burden of cleaning.

Toys: Toys are required to keep the children busy there are many different types of toys available for kids that are harmless some of them may include:

  • Paint set: Children love to paint, and it is a decent hobby that can be conducted without any kinds of tasks until there is a little spill of the colours, then all just goes fine. Many brands are selling bulk paint sets which include colors, drawing books and paint brushes. You can easily get the best deals if you will do a little research.
  • Parachutes:These are new things that have gained popularity among the products for family daycare. Children love using these parachutes and they play different games and hear stories inside them. It can be quite an attractive product in your family daycare centre.
  • Magnets: Magnets are kid’s favorite toys no matter what age they belong to. They also help them learn the science of physics and they all them to design and create new things. Children are always busy playing with their favourite magnets and they create no nuisance.

Dolls: Every girl kid loves dolls and there is a myriad of dolls available in the market and you can have as many as you want.

Toy cars:  Wide varieties of toy cars are available that every child would like to play with.

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