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The excitement of driving a car is the most common reason why people buy cars. Indeed, there are many other reasons but driving a car has its own attractions. There is nothing more enjoyable than going on a long drive and enjoy the freedom of living life in the fast lane. For the best deal in cars, log on to the website to fulfill your dream of owning a car. While owning a car might not be much difficult as the available financing options make the task easy, you must take into account the cost of maintaining the car which can often be somewhat painful. Be ready to shell out $8400 annually towards ownership costs of a car that covers 15,000 kilometers in a year.

The tips below should help to save on the expenses of running a car.

Go by the book (owner’s manual)

The car is yours, and you must take interest to look at it closely and understand its needs instead of following the advice of a mechanic at the dealership with closed eyes. Before accepting the recommendation of the mechanic, know about your car by referring to the owner’s manual that has all the information for keeping the car in good health. From the interval of changing oils to the details about the maintenance schedule, all that you need to know is there in the manual. Following the advice of repairing centers might increase the frequency of maintenance, and it would increase your expenses.

Call for mobile technicians

Taking the car to dealerships or any repairing center is not the only option. You should explore other budget-friendly options instead of going to the known places of repair. Instead of taking your car to a repairing center, depending on the kind of repair needed, you can call a mobile mechanic that would cost you much less. The mechanic comes to your place and does the repair work like replacing brake pads or polishing minor scratches and charges you fees that are much less than what the car repairing center would charge you.

Choose the right insurance policy

If you run the car only on weekends or occasionally, then instead of choosing monthly payments for insurance, opt for auto insurance based on pay per mile. This could save you some money. In this process, you have to pay a base rate and a few cents per mile which sums up to a lesser amount that you had to pay if you had chosen monthly insurance payment of some fixed amount.

The color and finish of the car

The initial price of cars and its resale value has a link to its color and finish. Cars in neutral colors like black, grey, silver, and white retain its value more than cars with fancy colors like gold and purple, and the difference could be a few hundred dollars.

The special finish of the car like a matte finish would be very expensive to repaint or repair even if there is some minor damage to the body.

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