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Everyone who owns a dog knows that they are not ‘just animals’- they are a part of our families. We pamper them and look after them like our own children. We would do anything for them and usually take better care of them than ourselves! Whether you are a new parent to a dog or are just looking to gain some knowledge on how to keep your dog fit healthy and happy- we have enlisted a few points to help you!


Food is one of the biggest concerns of many pet owners. Most common questions include: What kind of food is best for our dogs? What is the right quantity of food that should be given? How do we check whether the food is suiting our dog!

A dog’s diet cannot be neglected. Whatever your dog eats will have an impact on your dog’s weight, teeth, the texture of their fur and even their behavior! A well balanced, nutritious diet is of utmost importance to keep your dog healthy. Raw foods are extremely nutritious for your dog. However, in case it does not suit your dog, and you opt for commercial food brands, make sure to read the ingredients carefully and choose those brands which do not have preservatives in them as they are unhealthy.

We all fall for their puppy dog eyes and get tempted and feed them food which we are eating. Human foods are extremely unhealthy for the dogs. Most of our food contains an excess amount of salt and sugar which is extremely harmful to our dogs. You can opt for delicious dog treats from Betsy farms which I am sure your dog will thoroughly enjoy and will readily do any tricks for the yummy treat.

Regular Exercise

Just as our body needs a daily dose of exercise, our dogs too need it to remain healthy. Along with their diet having a routine for exercise will go a long way to keep your dog healthy and add to your dogs’ life. Spending time playing with your dog to make him exercise is an added bonus. They love spending time and having fun with their owners and we are sure you too will feel your spirit lift up when you play a game of catch with your fur baby.

Visit the Vet

Most of us would not classify going to the doctor as a fun activity, but nonetheless, we all know that it is something we shouldn’t avoid. Same applies to our dogs. They might not like going to the vet and can throw a big fit while you try to take them to the vet, but you should not avoid it. Getting regular checkups is very important to ensure your dog remains healthy and any issues which may be there get detected early. Taking your dog to the vet since a young age helps them get used to the doctor making the task a bit easier.


Some dogs love water, whereas some will be running for their lives as soon as they know that

you are planning to give them a bath. Bathing your dog’s regularly is very important to keep their skin and fur clean and healthy. Many insects survive off the filth in dogs coats so as to discourage any fleas, ticks and other pests from making your dogs’ fur their home, you need to give them a bath. There are quite a few good shampoo brands you can find for your dog’s, depending on their coat type.

Getting your dog groomed regularly might not seem very important but trust us, it is something you must not skip. Bathing your dog, getting their nails cut and cleaned, getting their ears cleaned are all things you should not neglect.

Speak their language

Dogs might not be able to communicate to us what they need or want in English but they have their ways to tell us what they need. So keep your ears and eyes open and observe your dog and try and understand what they are trying to tell you. Don’t worry It is not as difficult as it sounds

Mental Exercises

Just like we need to activities to keep our brain working, challenging your dog’s to learn new tricks and commands can help improve their mental health.

We all want the best for our dogs and making an extra effort to keep our dogs healthy and happy is worth it. After all, if they are happy so are we, isn’t it?!

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