Kitchen Remodeling: Explore the Chief Reasons

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A few decades back, the kitchen used to be strategically positioned somewhere behind the house. It used to be predominantly a place where dirty dishes were cleaned and meals were prepared. If you fast forward to the current year, your kitchen has a completely different role and the concept of a kitchen has gone through a dramatic change. In 2018, the kitchen occupies the central place or the focal point of your home. It is the most important place in the house as it is here that the entire family comes together every morning, at the beginning of the day and every evening after a day’s hard work. The kitchen is all about warmth and beauty, a center of attraction for the family and the visitors too.

Changing social dynamics and technological advancements have been responsible for shaping the modern kitchen. Today, there is a huge emphasis on the open concept homes which would be revolving around the kitchen for everyone to come together. As per the modern design trend, simple and clean styles are the hot favorites among the homeowners today and natural light has become an integral part of the function and overall appearance of the kitchen. Kitchen designing, décor, and renovation have become extremely important today.

Spending on kitchen remodeling is consistently on the rise especially, among the younger homeowners. First-time home buyers and younger homeowners are quite keen about customizing their homes. These were the findings of a Houzz survey that had collected information from nearly 107,000 registered Houzz users and that included almost 56,000 homeowners who undertook renovation projects in 2016 as per With kitchen remodeling being given a lot of importance and priority these days, it could be quite interesting to find out what would be the approximate cost of remodeling a kitchen.  Statistics reveal that the national average cost of remodeling your kitchen is $22,885 and a typical range would be from $12,550 to $34,173. The low end is approx. $4000 and the top end is approx. $55,000 according to the Despite the fact that kitchen remodeling takes a lot of effort and money, still, homeowners are able to identify some solid reasons to consider kitchen remodeling. However, the reasons for kitchen remodeling may vary from one homeowner to another. A smart and state-of-the-art kitchen speaks volumes about your lifestyle, status, and personality and gives your home an edge over the others. The renovation would be requiring a major investment but homeowners could typically retrieve over 50 percent of what was invested in the remodeling project. You are sure to get a truly favorable return once you invest in kitchen remodeling. Here are some other important reasons for opting for kitchen refurbishment that would convince you to choose a renowned kitchen remodeling Long Island Company for ensuring highest levels of service and perfect remodeling job.

Welcoming Your New Priorities as with Time Your Priorities Change

With time everything changes and with all these modifications, you would realize that your priorities in life have changed and that you certainly need to welcome and embrace all these new priorities as they come up. For instance, the kitchen that once seemed the best for you may all of a sudden seem deficient once your kids come to the overall picture. There is absolutely no reason to believe that you could get a kitchen that seems perfect for everybody. However, renovation provides you with the golden opportunity to tweak certain things and create a kitchen space that’s just right for you. You must determine your unique requirements and accordingly, start working with a qualified and renowned kitchen remodeling professional for making sure that your remodeled kitchen would cater to all your requirements.

Suiting Your Personal Attitude & Taste

If you absolutely dislike everything in a kitchen right from the floor to the counters, remodeling your kitchen seems to be the right decision under the circumstances. Renovation could be the only solution to make your kitchen as per your preference, personality, attitude, and taste. However, try not to go overboard with the kitchen renovation. Before you confirm a brand new look, make sure you have weighed the pros and cons, and the viability of a host of options. Make sure that the kitchen is remodeled to suit your preferences and to cater to your unique requirements.

Complementing Your Lifestyle

The kitchen layout was just right for the previous owner of the house but it does not suit your lifestyle so it becomes essential to remodel your kitchen. Perhaps, it does not have a breakfast bar. Your family, however, is in the habit of gathering informally in the kitchen for enjoying coffee or grabbing a quick meal in the kitchen itself. Whatever it is, your kitchen must be remodeled to ensure that it complements your overall lifestyle.

Refurbishing Deteriorated Kitchen

Your kitchen, after years of usage, might be just falling apart. Peeling countertops, cracked tiles, missing or broken cabinet doors and even obsolete appliances never inspire family gatherings or gourmet cooking. This sort of a deteriorated kitchen needs to be remodeled as it has actually, outlived its utility.

Boosting the Value of Your House

Homeowners, generally consider remodeling their kitchens for boosting the overall value and marketability of their property. An attractively remodeled kitchen would prove to be immensely appealing to the prospective buyers of the house as compared to the outdated and boring kitchen. You could sell off the house with an impressive profit margin. How much price hike is justified depends primarily on the extent of remodeling and the currently existing market prices.

Ensuring Energy Savings

The main reason for kitchen remodeling could be to ensure energy savings. You may consider incorporating skylights for welcoming the bright sunshine into your house thus, cutting down the necessity for artificial light. Solar water heaters and energy-efficient heaters would be lowering the utility bill and exerting less stress on your environment. Minimizing household costs could be one of the main motivations for remodeling your kitchen. You may consider purchasing energy-efficient tools and gadgets to bring down the overall energy consumption and even the associated energy costs of the appliances.

Conclusion: Remodeling for Enhanced Accessibility to Tackle Aging Issues

The ability for individuals to continue living in their own houses as they gradually grow older and as their mental and physical abilities change has become the focus of home remodeling in the last few years. Remodeling for accessibility implies making certain choices such as eliminating stairs and opting for open designs and ensuring no tripping hazards, for instance, transitions between the rooms. So we find that there are various reasons that call for remodeling your home.

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