Learn about Sources of Drinking Water That You Could Be Using and How to Keep Your Family Safe at All Times

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Water comes from different water sources including deep wells, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, etc. Water sources are classified into two sources: surface water and groundwater. Groundwater lies in the deep parts of the land traveling through the rocks. This water can be reached by digging deep wells that service large communities with clean water.

The surface water is found in lakes, rivers, oceans as well as reservoirs. This is tapped and distributed by the municipal council mostly to cities and towns. The source of the community water is either surface or ground.

There are other sources of water that are privately owned and serve the community around them. These sources are not monitored by the authorities around and may cause dangerous water infections if not properly monitored.

It is important to note that it is your personal responsibility to ensure that the water you use in your home is safe for all users. This can only be ensured by getting your own water filter that will filter every chemical, sediments and all types of odors and taste.

By investing in a quality water filter, you invest in safety. You can look up and learn new information about filters on https://www.aquaoxfilters.com/.

What are private household wells?

Private household wells are privately owned by people who have paid up their money and have wells in their property. It also includes springs and cisterns that are located in personal property. Most of such privately owned wells are found in the rural areas.

These privately owned household wells supply water into the neighborhoods around them. Those that receive this water are independently responsible for ensuring that their water is safe. These private wells are not charged any money by the federal governments.

Local health departments are the only ones who assist these good owners in managing their wells but not really getting involved in the safety of the water. For people who consume this kind of water, it is important to use water filters to ensure the safety of it.

Whether whole-house water filters or countertops, it is important to learn as much as you can until you find out all that you need to know. Some of the individual water sources can get contaminated without anyone’s knowledge.

Some of these contaminants are natural, like the ones found in the rock formations, while others are caused by human activities like agriculture or manufacturing. The following list shows different contaminants that you should know about:

  • Leakages from sewerages, factories or industrial sites
  • Pesticides or fertilizers from farms that are swept into these wells by rain
  • Unplanned chemical spills, especially from factories
  • Improper handling and disposal of paints, hazardous cleaning fluids, motor oils, etc.

The owners of the private household wells can choose to disinfect and treat the water from their wells, springs or cisterns to ensure they are providing clean water to the community around. This will help the community consume clean water and trust the source because the owners are showing concern.

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