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Knowledge is power—we all know this. The more you know about the world, the more powerful you can become and thus, the more money you’ll have. Although we’re not going to talk about how you can dominate the world with your knowledge, we are going to tell you how you can make a lot of savings by simply learning a couple of new skills.

At some point in our life, we have to rely on others. For instance, if a pipe bursts in our kitchen then who are you going to call? The plumber of course! But sadly, they can be quite expensive and you’re usually not just paying for their time, but their expertise as well. Similarly, if we have to go get a haircut, then we often go to the barber or hairdressing salon, pay them a couple of bucks and have them trim our hair. It’s normal, but it also uses up a lot of money.
Instead of paying a plumber to come and fix a few simple things or paying a salon to cut our hair, consider learning a little about those types of tasks that we pay money for in order to save yourself some money. It can be fun and empowering to learn something new, and the skills you learn will save you and your family a lot of money in the long run. To give you some tips, here are a couple of things that you can learn to do yourself in order to live a more frugal lifestyle.
Learn how to sew
Let’s admit it, how many of us have thrown away shirts and pants that have had buttons pop out? Maybe you haven’t thrown them out yet, but perhaps they’re sitting in a recycling bag or gathering dust somewhere in your house. Clothing can be expensive, and if it’s a simple button that’s fallen off or if there’s a rip on your favourite garments that can be easily fixed, then why not learn to sew? All you need to do is learn to thread a needle, tie a knot, and then pierce the clothing with the needle. Buttons don’t take very long to sew back on and rips or tears can be repaired in an afternoon with plenty of time to spare. Plus, it’s extremely cheap to sew something back to its original state—far cheaper than buying new clothes!
Learn to cut hair
Cutting your own hair can be quite difficult especially if you want to style it, but giving yourself a basic trim and can very easy. Some sharp scissors designed for hair and a few styling tools won’t cost you much, and you too can have the best hair clippers without spending an arm and a leg. However, if you want to get more serious about cutting your own hair or helping friends and family members cut theirs, then you might need to invest in some lessons or more expensive equipment that will last longer. The blades on cheap clippers tend to wear out very quickly, so if you want this to be a long-term investment, consider buying something worth the price.
Learn to cook
The kitchen isn’t a scary place! Far too many people buy takeout food and go out to eat instead of staying at home, saving money, and cooking up their own meals. Not only is cooking a fantastic skill to learn that brings together the family, it’s also an amazingly simple way to save money. Don’t be afraid of learning to cook and don’t be afraid of failing a few times. Look for a simple recipe online, buy the ingredients required (and some extras in case you mess up!) and then start practising. Learning how to cook can be a lot of fun and having the ability to replicate delicious recipes that you’ve seen feels fantastic and will surprise the family. There are plenty of places to take a cooking course, but you can just as easily use the internet and learn how to cook from all the chefs on websites like YouTube. Eating at home might not be completely free, but it’s a lot cheaper than eating out and much healthier than calling for a takeout meal.
Learn about computers

Computer repairs can be incredibly simple. Sometimes, all it takes is turning the computer on and off or cleaning out the dust in your computer case. These are things that will take a certified engineer less than five minutes to finish, but they’ll probably charge you a lot of money for asking them to visit you and take a look at your computer. Learn how a computer works if it’s a critical part of your day because you’ll save a tonne of money in the long run on repairs, upgrades, and minor fixes.

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