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I am sorry I haven’t been posting much. October was a long very rough month. It started out fine.

Then I got a call from my mom the morning of October 14th she had been taken by ambulance for shortness of breath. My mom is 60 years old and didn’t go the doctor much. She was in the hospital for 8 days. We found out  she has COPD, 70% blockage in one of her arteries in her heart, and cancer cells around her ovaries.

It has been extremely overwhelming for my family to have to deal with all of this at once. She has quit smoking and will have to have a hysterectomy this month. We are hoping the doctors will be able to get all of the cancer if she can’t then she will need chemo. After her recovery from that they will have to go in and fix the blockage in her heart.

Please keep my mom in your thoughts and prayers.

I don’t think I have talked about this on my blog before but my soon to be 5 year old daughter Alba has sensory processing disorder and verbal apraxia. I tried to take her out trick or treating last night  and she had a complete meltdown, she is terrified of masks. She is also scared of so many other things, any sort of animals. Even though we have a cat and a dog ourselves she is scared of cats and dogs.

Loud noises scare her very bad, I can’t take her into public restrooms because of the turbo dryers and automatic flush toilets.

She is in speech therapy at school and more speech therapy sessions every other week.

I would love to hear from anyone who have kids with verbal apraxia or sensory processing disorder. It has been a struggle. I had never heard of either until she was diagnosed with them.

I wanted to send a quick post to let you guys know what has been going on an explain why I haven’t been posting a lot lately. This month is going to be rough also with my mom’s surgery. I am hoping she is recovered enough to spend Thanksgiving with us.

Have a good weekend

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