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Living a good life, eating well, owning the best commodities, having truly great relationships, and being able to buy what we want and do whatever we choose is pretty high up there in everyone’s life goals. However, living a good life can sometimes end up leaving your finances in tatters if you do not take enough care when choosing the products we buy, spend too much money on things we do not necessarily need, and generally have a messy financial brain. With a family to look after, you of course want them to have the best things in life and do not want to leave them (especially the children) wanting or needing anything when you can’t give it to them.




The best way to live a life which you are truly happy in, without the threat of spending too much and leaving yourself in debt, is to simply plan your days and stick to a purchasing routine which you should have researched and thought about solidly with a good friend, family member, or other half.


Not many people have cash to spend on anything they want – apart from if you’re a millionaire, are the heir to a fortune, or extremely well off – so we all need to keep a close eye on our finances by buying the things we need but not necessarily buying the most expensive products, clothes or gadgets.


Take a look around you. There is a good possibility that a lot of things in the room you are in do not get used as much as they should – and if this is the case a great way of earning money is to sell items in your home which aren’t used or have been completely forgotten about. You may only earn a small amount of money for each item, but in the long run every penny counts and will enable you to save to buy a product which you really want and will use properly.


Another great way of living well, for less, is to look for discounted food items in grocery stores, to win prizes (if this is your thing you can if this is your thing you can enter at http:/ / to use coupons, promotions and 2 for 1 deals. If you buy discounted food items, you will be shocked at how much cash you can save on each shopping trip. Freezable food is great to buy at a discounted price as you can store them in the freezer and use them at a later date without worrying about the use by date.



When you are out with friends, instead of buying an expensive bottle of wine or champagne, buy a glass instead. You will be surprised at how much more you will enjoy having a solitary glass (or two) as you will be more likely to savour the taste instead of eagerly pouring glass after glass, and in effect draining your finances like you draining the wine from the glass! You could also ask a friend to share a bottle with you, and split the cost.

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