Medicine Cabinet Clean Out Challenge

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I recently lost my mother to cancer/heart disease, we had to clean out her trailer. She was on a lot of medication due to all of her heart problems and pain from cancer. I had a bag of medicine that I wasn’t sure what to do with.

Here are some questions and tips about medicine

Know your medicine

  • Do you take your prescriptions as prescribed?
  • Do you understand all possible side effects?

It is so important to take your prescriptions as it says on the label. When you fill your prescription it comes with a pamphlet/paperwork to tell you any side effects. Make sure you read them, some prescriptions you are not suppose to drive when you take and there are tons of other side effects. Here is an example of a drug called Xarelto that is prescribed as a blood thinner to patients to prevent the risk of stroke. It has been linked to having a horrible side effect of internal bleeding! You can read more about the side effects of Xarelto here.

Secure your medications

  • Are your medicines stored in a secured location?
  • How do you monitor the amount left in each medicine bottle?

I store the medicine up so the kids can’t reach it. I can easily look in each bin to see how much is in each bottle and what I have left for medicine. When I am on a prescription I just keep it in the kitchen on the counter so I will remember to take it everyday.

Dispose your medications

I wasn’t sure how to dispose of all of my Mom’s medicine so I did a Google search and found that my local grocery store pharmacy disposes of expired/unused medication. I also called them and they said they can take most medicines except pain pills which my Mom did have. The pharmacist told me I need to crush them up and put it with kitty litter then dispose of it.

Here is an article about proper disposal of medication. You can also do a Google search for medication disposal and then your state and it will tell where you can locally dispose of it. My local police station also has a bin that you can put expired/unused medication in and they dispose of it.

There are dangers to taking expired medicine. Here is an article that explains a little bit more. You also can check to see if any of your medication has recalled at the link above.

I went through all of my medicine and disposed of the expired medicine. Then I reorganized it all and put them in bins then labeled the bins.

So now are you going to take the challenge and clean out your medicine cabinet? Make sure you dispose of all the expired medication correctly.


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