Moving across the state can be smooth and hassle-free with the right mover and packer partner

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While it is not surprising at all that about 3 million people in the US move across state borders annually, it is surely surprising to see that the Nation Consumer Complaint Database received close to 4000 complaints last year. Majority of these complaints were about movers that held their clients’ goods hostage or missed moving deadlines entirely. Depending on who you pick to move your precious items from your old home to a new one, you will either experience a moving dream or a nightmare.  

It is easy to come across several moving companies online thanks to Google and other search engines. The ones on the second and third page of the Google’s search pages seem to be significantly cheaper than the first page rankers. It is incredibly easy to find an unscrupulous moving company that does not deliver what they promise. Cheaper is not always better or smarter for services that promise to take care of your furniture, clothing and interior decor items while you are shifting houses. You may have to spare a couple of extra bucks, but you need to find the people, who can move your belongings safely to the new state.

How should you begin looking for a reliable mover and packer?

There is no replacement for research. During the process of searching for interstate moving services, always look beyond the glam and glitz of websites. It is true the best cross country movers will likely have a convenient and attractive website design, but an excellent site design does not always translate to a great service. One of the surest ways of researching your moving options is by asking your friends and family for advice. In case that generates no new leads, try looking at third-party business sites, Better Business Bureau and dedicated moving service databases. Picking a random name off Craig’s List is not the smartest move. Check the recommendations, verified reviews and ratings of the companies.

Why does the primary research process require time?

Always begin your search with at least two months in hand. Moving cross country is not a spontaneous decision that you can reverse at a moment’s notice. Therefore, do not believe that reputable moving and packing services can magically arrange for moving across state borders overnight. If you come across a service that claims to do that, stay miles away from them. It is ideal for most genuine movers and packers to take bookings about 30 days in advance. Sometimes, these companies also allow clients to book spots 90 days in advance. That will give you the time to check, apply for and verify the permits for moving vehicles on the state highways and freeways.

How can you evaluate the service of a new company?

Do not speak with one company to make your decision. Having a list of companies from the web is necessary for you to explore further into your options. There might be new companies that offer excellent services hiding in that list, or a company might just be giving away lucrative discounts to stay in the market. You should be able to book a carrier on the best terms with in-depth research. Always double-check their D.O.T number or M.C number at the FMCSA website. That will help you understand the nature of their service. Each company is either a carrier, freight forwarder or a broker. Pick the kind of service you need, at your terms and within your stipulated budget.

Why should you always check the consumer reviews on the safety administration site?

Apart from understanding their services, you need to explore the safety administration website for learning their insurance data and safety rating. It will give you access to current and past complaints clients have lodged against the company. There can be fourteen complaint classes, and you need to be cautious about the ones that have multiple complaints regarding delays in delivery and damage claims. In most of the cases, responsible and experienced moving companies ask their clients to take charge of their precious and irreplaceable data including medical files, jewelry, cash safes and antique collectibles. Unless you are about to work with a moving company that specializes in moving antiques and precious items, you might have to take these items with you in your vehicle.

How should you lead the evaluation process?

While face-to-face evaluation processes begin, you should meet the shipping agent at your doorstep. Be sure to show them each corner of your home to receive an accurate estimate. Unless you are planning on leaving the storage boxes under the bed, the strollers and bikes in the garage and the old futon in the basement, you need to show these as well. If you have any off-site storage that you need to move, you need to ask the agent to consider that as well. Movers usually do not take charge of perishable items including plants, cleaning supplies, alcohol, pantry goods and food. The shipping company should give you a list of things they do not transport, so you have at least a month to use them up, donate them or arrange for other modes of transportation.

What should you do after you shortlist a few moving and packing companies?

After your research is complete, it is time for comparing the offers from the different service providers. Review the proposals based on their written estimates. Stress on the binding estimates more than the non-binding estimates. According to a binding assessment, the total expense of the move cannot be significantly more or less than the initial estimated amount, unless the moving agent decides that the bulk of items have increased or decreased. A non-binding estimate depends on the weight of the freight.

Always get the promises in writing. Do not rely on word of mouth. Try to pack items that you want to carry in your car from beforehand. Consult with the shipping agent for packing wardrobes and options of carrying them down in case you live in an apartment with a narrow corridor. Always make plans to oversee the pickup of the packed goods and the drop off at their new location.

Choosing a popular name with a good reputation and an excellent history of work determines the safety and security of your personal belongings. Moving to a new state is not an easy feat, but having experts with you will ease the process.

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