Packing it like a pro for your rental storage unit

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So, you have rented yourself a rental storage unit and the moving day is fast approaching. Packing is quite overwhelming, especially when the safety of several valued items is concerned. Well, you are covered! Here we list several pointers and tips for packing your items before the big day.

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  • Start with 4-6 small to medium sized boxes. Keep a few large boxes close by as well. It all depends on the items you are planning to move. The smaller boxes allow for a snug fit of books and dishes, your heavier items while lighter bedding and clothes can go to bigger boxes.
  • Do not pack boxes more than what you can comfortably lift. You will be stacking them at the rental storage space. Avoid heavy lifting. It is thus always a great idea to increase the number of boxes than the per box load. A general rule of thumb is to avoid a formation of the bulge at the top of the storage box. Quite obviously do not under-pack either as the lighter boxes might collapse under the weight of the heavier box.
  • Invest in a wardrobe box for clothes and dresses to avoid the damage to linen and wrinkling. You can also use these boxes for drapes, bedding and garage items.
  • Do not go cheap on the packaging tape. The packaging tape should be professional grade to withstand the rigours of moving along with the associated wear and tear. Close both the ends of the box.
  • Labelling of the box is essential to ensure you identify the contents with ease. It will help you to save on time when you will unpack.
  • Power tools run on fuel. So, if you want to store those in your rental storage, make sure you drain the fuel tank to avoid the odour of gasoline on your other valuables.
  • Always cover your items in protective materials or wrap a sheet around them even inside a box. That will ensure moving parts stay in place or can be easily located. Wrapping also ensures that there is no dust settling on the items. Dust layer can cause discolouration and increase your hassles in the long run.
  • For heavier items like bed frames, you have to try being creative. A great idea, in this case, is to wrap two frames together. Frames can often be folded, and with adhesive tapes, two or more can be attached for storing in less space. Making items as small as possible will help you save real estate in the process.
  • After all the packing is done you need to place boxes together to measure the floor area required for storage unit dimensions as are necessary for your needs. Units usually come with an 8 ft. ceiling so that they can be stacked as well.

There we have just solved the mystery of packing for you. All the best!

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