Plan a Money Free Weekend: Fun Activities for Frugal Families

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A typical weekend can cost a bundle, but it doesn’t have to. Families who know how to have a good time without breaking the bank offer some great tips for planning a money-free weekend. Could you have a wonderful weekend without shelling out a lot of cash? Of course you can, if you follow a few smart tips for frugal families.

Have a good time locally

Visit your city’s official chamber of commerce or tourism website to find a boatload of fun things to do for free. Drop by the sites of nearby towns, too. Chances are there are a whole lot of local attractions and fabulous freebies you don’t know about. Visit your local library and get a card for each family member. Most libraries offer DVDs, music CDs along with all the books you could ever want to read. Check your library’s calendar to find out about storytimes for kids, book clubs, guest author readings and other interesting free events, advises The Simple Dollar magazine.

If your town has a local sports league, find out when there’s a weekend game and attend it with the family. Most community sports teams are grateful to have an audience and you’ll have a good time rooting for them, too. Better yet, join a team and get some healthful exercise.

Enjoy a family staycation

Instead of going anywhere, have some good old fashioned family fun at home. Turn off the cell phones and bring out the board games. Two-player games such as checkers and chess are fun; multi-player board games like Monopoly are fun for everyone at once.

Bake bread, make a cake, prepare a family meal together. If you already have the ingredients in your pantry and refrigerator, it won’t cost anything but friendly time spent as a family group.

Creative playtime to boost family happiness

Find a how-to-juggle video on YouTube and learn to do circus tricks. Put on a play. Wash the dog. Look around the yard and decide where to plant a summer garden and thumb through seed catalogs together. Let everyone download an art app on Google Play and have a friendly competition to see who makes the most marvelous mandala.

Money gurus at Kiplinger magazine offer a bunch of beautiful tips for enjoying a moneyless weekend with kids. Go bird watching and try to identify all the flying critters in your town. Fill colorful balloons with water and have a boisterous but friendly backyard balloon battle. When the weather’s nice, let the kids take a bubble bath in an inflatable pool in the yard. Pitch a tent in the backyard and enjoy a family dinner of fire-roasted hot dogs, potato chips and pop. Hide a bunch of cheap toys in the yard and let the kids invite their friends over for a scavenger hunt.

When you find out how easy it really is to have a great time without spending a small fortune, you’re sure to come up with your own great moneyless weekend tips.

Freddie Oliver is a family man with 3 kids under the age of 10. He enjoys spending quality time with his family on weekends and holidays.

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