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It could be that you are moving houses or offices or you want to free up some space around your home. Whatever the case, you might need a self-storage unit to keep all your extra stuff. Before you embark on finding a storage unit, there are important details that you should know:

  • Storage units are not the same

No two units are the same. They are all vastly different. Therefore, before you settle on any, it is imperative that you compare different options so that you find one that you like. You do not have to settle for the first unit that you come across.

  • Security is paramount

Thieves can burglarize storage units. They can pose as regular customers to gain access to the units and then go to work breaking into the units. That is why you should find a storage unit that has the high-security detail to minimize being robbed, such as the units available at

For instance, there should be CCTV cameras on the premises. In addition, the locks used should be modern and not easy to cut through using a bolt cutter. The locks should also have alarms such that if the storage unit is opened without entering the personal passcode, it sounds the alarm.

Therefore, be sure to ask questions about the security of the area and the security offered on the premises. Only rent out in a place where your security questions have been satisfactorily answered.

  • Find out about their rates

Ask how much it costs to rent out a unit. Also, ask them after how long they raise their rates. Some storage units offer low rent during the first months only to increase the rent later on.

That is why you should have this clarified right from the start. Make sure to put the rent to be paid in writing and they should guarantee you that this will not change for a while.

  • Only rent out the space that you need

A lot of people end up renting much more space than they actually need.  This will mean that you are paying much more than you should. To avoid this, you need to organize your space well so that you make maximum use of it. This includes:

-Disassembling your furniture since the different pieces will take up less space

-If there are any dressers or drawers or cupboards, make sure to store stuff inside them as well.

-Stack up boxes as high as you can.

  • Get insurance

It is your responsibility to ensure the stuff that you have stored in the unit. You can buy the insurance at the time when you are renting the unit. This is very important, especially if you have expensive or valuable stuff stored in the unit.

  • How long do you need the unit?

Determine how long you will rent the unit for. Without doing this beforehand, you can end up renting the unit over a long period of time with no end in sight.

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