Planter Boxes- Few Things You Need to Know About the Planters

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Planter boxes are types of vessels that are placed outside the home. The main purpose of using these boxes is for displaying the live plants and flowers. It is generally placed in a location where the owners can easily work with the plants. The garden planters are generally portable in nature and are very cost-effective. These boxes come in various sizes, colours, shapes and materials. Different types of boxes are available in the market but the most popular box is one which is made of plastic because of its small size and variety of styles. Here are few different types of boxes which are available in the market. These boxes are:

  1. The wearable planter– These boxes can be hanged or sit on a surface. It is suggested that you use these boxes for the hanging purpose it will enhance the beauty of the plants.
  2. Living wall planter– These boxes will bring life to you house. Wall mounted planter is a perfect definition of planter boxes. It is generally made of wood.
  3. Bookshelf planters– These boxes are for the ones who love reading books. These planter boxes are made of woods on which the books are kept. On top of these books the plants are grown. It might become a little difficult to maintain these boxes.
  4. Silicone planters– These boxes are made of silicone which is a very light material and is used for getting different beautiful shapes and colours. The plants which are kept in the silicon boxes will feel comfortable due to the soft material.


Using planter boxes has many benefits. That is the only reason why it has gained huge popularity in such a short span. Few advantages of planter boxes are as follow:


  • Durability– The planters are durable in nature. The more durable if you have opted for the plastic planters. This is because plastic does not absorb water and helps in resisting the harshness of sunlight.
  • Conserves water– These planters help in conserving water. They are designed in such a manner that they can stop the water leaking, seeping or evaporating. The water is slowly absorbed by the soil. This means that the water does not get evaporated somewhere else.
  • Protection– These planters help in providing protection to the delicate plants. The delicate plants need a lot of water in order to survive. So, these boxes help them to grow by providing ample amount of water at the right time. Most important benefit is that they do not change their temperature according to the outside climate. This means the plants can survive easily and in moderate temperature.
  • Retains the nutrients– These boxes help in retaining the nutrients of the soil by not letting the water flow out of the boxer. This means that the nutrients of the soil are not lost.
  • Apt for every lifestyle– These boxes are of great choice for the ones who have very busy schedule. If you are planning to go on a vacation you can just fill the reservoir and enjoy your vacation peacefully.


It is very important to maintain planter boxes in order to ensure long life of your plants. A regular cleaning of the boxes is very necessary so that it does not attract any kind of bacteria or algae. Other maintenance tips are as follow:


  1. Remove the excess green leaves. Removal of extra parts will help the water to pass easily. Excess water in the planter boxes is home to bacteria.
  2. Always keep a track on the weather. Move the pots according to the weather conditions in order to prevent the damage of the pots.


So, keep these little things in mind when it comes to planter boxes.


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