Preparing For a New Baby: Simplified Tips

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Many new parents can become overwhelmed with the bombardment of information coming at them about all the things they “need” for their new bundle of joy.   Whether it’s an overpriced rubber chew toy giraffe, or the silkiest all natural fiber baby carrier, hand-knitted by virgins in a field of organic grass.

The fact of the matter is, you don’t need hardly any of it.  Dr. Spock, one of America’s most famous authors on childcare and parenting says about baby cribs: “Sometimes there’s a cradle that’s been in the family for many years. A cardboard box or a drawer with a firm, tight-fitting pad also works well for the first couple of months.”

Your baby doesn’t care whether he or she is in italian silk sheets or something you got out of the goodwill bin.  As long as what you are using for your baby’s needs is safe, and clean, you don’t need to have the most expensive item on the market.

As far as necessities go, it’s all quite simple.

Diapers and Wipes

Your baby is going to poop and pee.  A lot.  This is one of those things that you unfortunately can’t cut corners on.  You need diapers, and you need a lot of them.

The environmental benefits of opting for cloth diapers is what sways many parents in that direction.  However, the convenience and simplicity of disposable diapers is what makes other parents go in the other direction.

Do some price comparisons and decide which kind of diaper is best for your family and budget.  The same goes for wipes. Traditional baby wipes being one option, or cotton and water being the other.

Breasts or Formula

If you’re wondering where all that poop and pee will be coming from, here is the culprit.  Your baby will need to eat sometimes as often as every 30 minutes during its early days.

You will need to provide milk either by nursing, or if that isn’t an option, choose a formula that your doctor or midwife recommends, and of course a bottle.


Your new baby will need a roof over it’s head and 4 walls with proper insulation.  Particularly if you are new parents in the winter time, this necessity is essential. You don’t need a castle or a high rise condo.  Just shelter.

Perhaps you could get away living off the land on a sandy beach somewhere in a hammock under a tree somewhere in the world, but in many parts of the modern world, that simply isn’t an option.


Babies need to be covered when they are newborns.  The womb is warm and the temperature drop the infant experiences when coming out during birth is pretty drastic.

After the initial skin to skin contact with their mother or father under a blanket, a baby should be properly bundled from head to toe.

Love and Affection

Last but not least, all of the rest would be in vain, if you didn’t love and adore your baby and give lots of kisses and touch!

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