Quick Solutions For When Your Family Is In a Financial Pinch

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If you’re the main financial provider to your family, there may times when you go through a monetary pinch or two, where it’s important that you cut down on your budget for a minute, or find out some way to get some quick cash, particularly for things like food or paying necessarily bills like gas or electricity.

But if you find yourself on the edge of payment ability, consider the options of payday loans, credit card purchases, buying bulk food, cutting out luxuries for a little bit, or adjusting your heating and cooling to cut down on energy costs.

Payday Loans

Getting payday loans is one of the more efficient solutions to getting cash on the fly. Just remember that interest rates can really catch you off guard if you don’t pay back those loans as quickly as possible. They can be an extremely fast way to make sure that loose bills get paid on time, but falling behind on payday loan payments can be a far worse black mark on your financial timeline if you aren’t careful.

Credit Card Purchases

Even if you don’t want to use it because you have a balance on it, using a credit card to make sure that life continues for your family uninterrupted isn’t the worst thing in the world. You may end up paying quite a bit extra for it eventually as you try to pay the credit card balance off, but at least you’ll have a way out of some type of dire emergency. Even if you have to apply for a new credit card in order to have this option, at least it’s something that’s available to you in a pinch.

Buying Bulk at the Grocery Store

Another way to stretch a buck is by buying bulk at the grocery store next time. Rice, beans, noodles – you know the drill. Things that taste good, last as dry goods, and can be a part of meals for weeks. That simple step alone can save you a lot of money in the short run.

Temporarily Cutting Out Some Excess Luxuries

For better or worse you don’t need to buy soda or juice. Water is healthier for you, and comes right from the tap. By cutting out luxuries like soft drinks and juice on an entire family level, that can translate into hundreds of dollars of savings in a month, believe it or not.

Adjusting Your Heating and Cooling

And finally, adjusting your thermostat a little outside of your comfort range, and putting on extra clothes or relying on cool water to stay in your neutral acceptable environment range can saved you a ton on energy bills during the course of a month. Make sure to add that to your arsenal of money-saving techniques.

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