Reinvent Traditional Designs Using Double Hung Windows

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Designs come and go, but some designs keep coming back after one after the other. Some old-fashioned and Victorian era furniture that were discarded by many are coming back rapidly with more and more people using them in their dream homes. Old wine in a new bottle is always a great thing to enjoy. The elegance of class can be felt through them. Yes, we are talking about double hung windows. Sounds like Hebrew to you? Well, let us go into the details of these types of windows.

About The Design Of Double Hung Windows

When one thinks of window panes, it is a common thought that they open up sideways or are hung in a single panel. Double hung windows are horizontally separated into two halves, and each half slides vertically up or down on the grooves at the sides, and stay in the front or behind the other half. Since these window designs are as old as 16th-century Victorian style, they are sure to give a royal look to your house.

The Advantages Of Using Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows not only look classy and royal, but they have several other advantages to offer:

  • Easy Cleaning – As these types of window panels slide in the groove and come in the front or back of the other, and can be tilted too, they are extremely easy to clean.
  • Allow fresh air – One can open both sashes of the double hung window, which allows more fresh air flow inside the room. So, if you want your house to be filled with fresh air, you can increase air flow using them.
  • Suitable material – One can have them in wood, aluminum, vinyl or in PVC and they are all energy efficient, giving a protective shield from the temperatures outside.
  • More Light Inside – One can use glass on the window panes, so that more light is allowed to come through the double hung windows, making the area inside brighter. When more light enters inside your room, it looks more spacious and comfortable.
  • Saves Energy Bills – These types of windows cut down the electricity and other energy bills of the house as they insulate the indoors from the drafts. Since more air and light are allowed to enter inside, you need less air conditioning, and you need to switch on fewer lights as well, thus saving your money on energy bills
  • Easy To Maintain – As these types of windows are fixed with grooves and only slide up and down, their doors do not bang on the walls or come banging in with the gust of air. The grooves keep them tight. Therefore, double hung windows are easy to maintain, and need less frequent repairs and replacements.
  • Makes The House Look Beautiful – It is said that old is gold. It is right in case of double hung windows. They completely change the aesthetic beauty of the house making the indoors as well as the outdoors look beautiful with their classic appeal.
  • Increases The Property Value – The resale value of the house fitted with double hung windows increases, as they portray a sense of class by the users. Although many are going for these types of windows recently, still they manifest a particular level in the eyes of others and the value of the property increases.


Double hung windows are used by many homemakers over the centuries, though at some point of time they were considered obsolete by many. They are making a comeback while designing the homes. Windowslike these give a niche feeling to the proud homeowners who have installed them. Some basic designs are always going to be the center of attraction, and double hung are one of them.

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