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Making a house a home is important. We all want our interiors to work for our families, look great, and feel good too. Unfortunately, we’re often told that this kind of interior comes at a price, which most of us can’t afford. Hiring labor to transform rooms and design the decor can be costly. If you want to decorate your home but keep costs down, you’ll have to do it yourself. As daunting as that sounds it’s really far more simple than you’d imagine…


Creating Coziness



Whether it’s the living room or your bedroom, some rooms really do need to feel inviting and cozy. Creating a space where the whole family can put their feet up and enjoy is tricky. There are some simple tricks to creating a warm and inviting space, without breaking the bank.


Buy lots of pillows for your sofas. Lots of different sizes and styles work well. You could have a longer thin cable knit cushion, for example, and some square leather ones. Mixing fabrics and styles helps to create an inviting theme. Anything to uniform can make a living room feel more like a waiting area than a home. Mixing fabrics will also help to create a cozy feel, with an added sense of luxury. The good thing about piling cushions on the sofa is that it really appeals to kids too. It means they can play on the floor and have something to sit on too.


Perfecting The Painting



Wallpapering or having your walls painted can be costly. Whilst wallpapering can look great you can create the same level of interest and drama on your own. Buy stencils from a homeware store and paint your own paneling. This is a great way to make your paintwork look instantly more expensive and create a grandiose scheme. Alternatively, leave three of the walls bare and paint one wall in a bold statement color. This adds a great pop of personality without going overboard. Catalog Brico Depot have some great paint colors and tools if you need some inspiration.

Sometimes it can seem like you need lots of money to create an intriguing space in your home, but this just isn’t the case. There are some cheap and cheerful ways you can create intimacy, play with light, and add some drama.
Create intimacy in a living room by pushing your furniture away from the walls. It’s a failsafe move in most houses to push our sofas and seating right up against the wall. We’re usually left with a lot of dead space in the middle of the room and not much sense of intimacy. Push your seating away from the walls to create a more intimate space for relaxing and chatting. Alternatively, try playing with the light in a room by propping large mirrors up against the wall rather than hanging them. Not only does this bounce more light around the room, but it also looks very stylish. Finally, add some drama to your dining room. Hang three lights, equally spaced, above the dining room table. Hang them low-down, just like you see in restaurants. This will create a great atmosphere.

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