Separating Fact From Fiction: What Can You Really Expect From Premium Economy

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It is never wise to make your own assumptions about what you might be getting when you pay for an upgrade as not all premium deals are created equal, and that is definitely the case when it comes to airline upgrades.


Here are is a look at some of the myths and misconceptions surrounding premium economy upgrades to help you decide whether it is worth spending a bit more when you consider what you are really getting for the money.


Uniformity is not an option


If you book a certain grade of room at somewhere like a JW Marriott Resort with Spa you can be confident that your expectations are likely to be met but that is not the scenario you often face when it comes to the airline industry’s interpretation of what premium economy means and what you get.


If you are happy to accept the line that premium economy is much the same across all the different airlines you are going to be in for a rude awakening with some of the “perks” you get offered for taking the upgrade option.


You can expect extra legroom and you might get a slightly wider seat with a bit more of a comfortable recline, but there no specific industry standards to rely on, which means each premium economy offer is going to vary between airlines.


Whether you are on a domestic or international flight can also make a substantial difference to the extra amenities and facilities you get offered as part of your upgrade.


Believe it or not, it is even possible that enhanced food options can mean an extra bag of peanuts rather than a better menu, so always ask exactly what you are going to get before you pay for an upgrade.


Pick your perks


Having recovered from the shock of discovering that premium economy varies so greatly it is time to get a bit more discerning about what perks are worth having and which ones are worth the price of the upgrade.


A nice fluffy pillow and a comfortable blanket can help you settle into your seat with a greater degree of comfort but probably more of interest if you are taking a business flight is the option of free in-flight Wi-Fi.


Buying Wi-Fi access can be expensive, so if it comes as part of the premium economy package that is worth having. Other perks to look out for that do add value to the premium price is the option of priority check-in and a more generous baggage allowance.

A fair price comparison


The basic advice is to treat each premium economy offer on its own merits and decide whether you are getting value for money if you decide to pay more for your ticket.


If you can manage to find a premium economy seat for a price that is not much more expensive than the regular coach option, it is probably going to be worth it.


When the price of premium economy starts creeping up nearer double the cost of economy, that might be the point where you decide to sit and suffer in coach or bite the bullet by going business class.


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