Simple and Effective Ways To Reduce Family Anxiety

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Many families have trouble with anxiety issues. There are things known as vertical and horizontal stressors, and even if you’re not aware of the precise definitions of those terms, chances are very likely that you suffer from them. Essentially, they are sets of generational anxiety passed down through families, and then sets of external trouble that invaded your home’s psychology from outside of the family structure.

To reduce internal and external anxiety, there are some options that you can pursue. If addiction runs in the family, you should not be afraid to talk about treatment. There are also the choices of going to family therapy sessions, scheduling meal times together regularly, and making sure that your family institutes a device-free time on a consistent basis.

Don’t Be Afraid of Treatment Options

One of the hardest family issues to deal with is if a member is dealing with addiction. Supporting someone in recovery requires that everyone in the family not be afraid of what it means to accept someone as an addict, and to agree that drastic measures may need to be taken to promote positive change and normalize habits over an extended period.

Go To Family Therapy Sessions

Many families have found that group therapy sessions work wonders. Though there is often some resistance at the beginning, especially from children in their teenage years, working through family therapy under a licensed psychologist can be a fast track to everyone being able to communicate effectively. It takes many years and lots of training to understand group dynamics functionally, and therapists can quickly begin to get to the core of where the worries and your family might be.

Schedule a Meal Together Regularly

Dinner with the family as a ritual is linked to a much more relaxed family communication style. If everyone gets face-to-face time on a regular basis, then some problems that come up in every family don’t get shuffled under the rug and left to fester. Even the simple process of eating together creates a bond that will help push back against much of the resentment that can occur within families, even when everyone recognizes that they love each other very much.

Have Device-Free Time

Creating a safe time for turning off all devices is a straightforward and practical way to reduce family anxiety as well. Just stating that for an hour everyone needs to unplug from their cell phones, tablets, computers, and other devices set the stage for a much more direct communication environment. Family members can either be bored and stare at each other or take that time to interact in a way that promotes positive bonding. Don’t let electronic connection devices lead to a disconnection in the family unit!

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