Spring Cleaning Just Got A Whole Lot More Interesting: Here’s How

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Let’s face it, I don’t think any of us love the idea of spring cleaning. Getting our homes in order for the spring and summer months. Organising and decluttering our way to a nicer home. Cleaning those rooms and areas that we probably avoid during the winter months. It can all get a little too much.

However, I have begun to realise that actually spring cleaning can be quite useful. Sure you get the benefits of a nice home that feels amazing, once all the jobs are actually done. But you can actually make some money from spring cleaning, who knew? There is money to be made and so if that isn;t incentive enough to pull out the cleaning products and get a little more organised I don’t know what would incentivise you to do it. But how do you make money from tackling the mundane jobs in your home? Here are my suggestions.

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Is there money to be made in your recycling bins?

Recycling. It is something that we are encouraged to do. Having specific bins for certain items such as glass and paper. It may have even become second nature to you, but did you know there is money to be made? People actually buy things like empty wine bottles. The glass, because of the colour, can be used towards making jewellery and have a second purpose in life.

Champagne bottles or fancy prosecco bottles can be made into candles, and even corks have a use such as clever craft objects for kitchens such as pin boards for organisation. The options are endless.

However, it doesn’t stop there. There can be ways you can turn old newspapers into cash. If you have collected some over the years or even recent one’s, popping them online could be a great way to earn a few extra pounds from them. People love to keep papers for special dates such as the birth of children, or even marriage or anniversary dates.

Could you sell unwanted items in your home you no longer love?

Do you have unwanted items in your home that you no longer love or want? Then maybe now is the time to spring clean your home, declutter and make some money in the process. We all might have things knocking around that could serve other people well, and often it can be a bit of laziness not to do anything with them. However, websites like eBay and even selling platforms like Facebook groups are a great way to earn some extra dosh from those things. Old technology that you have upgraded. Clothes that no longer fit. Accessories in your home that no longer suit the decor or theme. Excessive furniture that no longer serves a purpose. Even sending items can be made easier thanks to websites like Shiply. Once you start you may find that you enter into a habit and process that is easier to keep up with, and the money you make could be towards all sorts, even a summer holiday in celebration of your new clean and clutter free home.

Is sharing your cleaning through social media a way to make money?

Cleaning is often a chore we don’t enjoy doing, isn’t it? OF course, there are few people out there who love it, or perhaps just love the satisfaction feeling once the job is done. But, cleaning can actually be made more of if you know where to look. There are social media apps now that enable you to monetise your social media platforms. They advertise jobs and campaigns that you can bid for, which means that your general duties of cleaning could make perfect photo opportunities for brand collaborations and advertising campaigns. Of course, it isn’t just as simple as that. You need to have a decent following online, perhaps even have the products in your home or buy them, but the money that could be made is very lucrative and who knows what direction this could take you and your life in?

Use smartphone applications to get more from your books and DVD’s

There are so many great smartphone applications to take advantage of these days and making money is just one of the angles to explore. Books are something that many homes have, but yet a lot of people no longer like the fact they have excessive books piled high on shelves and even in bookcases or your bedside table. However, some people still like to hold a book in their hand and so apps like we love books could easily help you offload them and make some money in the process. It is as easy as scanning the barcode and packing them up, they will even collect. The same can be said for other items in your home like DVD’s. Thanks to digital TV providers, people can now save films on the TV boxes, making it a much more convenient way to enjoy their films and programmes. But an excessive amount of DVD’s can mean your home feels clutters, so scanning them and packing them up to companies like Music Magpie is a great way to earn a little extra. It works for CD’S to.

Take advantage of upcoming car boot sales

Finally, now that the weather is going to get a little better, you may want to start scanning your local community websites to see when the next car boots are going to take place. While you may need to pay for a pitch and your expenses to get there like fuel and food for the day, it can be a real lucrative way to offload a lot of items in one go and get the cash straight away without

much need for anything else. A lot of the time, getting there early pays off as you have the feral hardcore bargain hunters hoping to get all the best stuff. So while it may feel like hard work for the day, it can be totally worth it to clear your home of clutter and make money in the process.

I hope that sharing with you some of these ways to make spring cleaning more interesting will motivate you to get started yourself.

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