Substitutions To Help With Your Family’s Health

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Your family’s health is going to be a high priority as you move throughout the stages of your own life. One of the things that you can do to see benefits of better habits immediately is to substitute one thing for another inside of your family’s typical health behaviors.

There are several illustrative examples of this at work. You can substitute meat out and go vegetarian for some meals. You can substitute tea for soda. You can have a game night for your family instead of the TV night. And you can work on getting up early with your family instead of staying up late with them. Each of these substitution behaviors will have a positive effect on individual and group health.

Going Vegetarian

Science has shown that vegetarians are in better health than meat eaters. Obviously, you want to have a balanced diet, but people who pay more attention to what they eat and aim towards a more plant-based diet almost always come out ahead in the health department. Even if you only substitute one or two meals a week to a vegetarian style, you’ll see the benefits of healthier adults and children in your household. You do have to spend some time looking at the financial aspect of vegetarian purchases because they can be more expensive than meat diets, but with a little planning, you should come out ahead.

Tea for Soda

If your family drinks a lot of soda, that can turn into health issues in the long term. Soda is bad for your teeth. The sugar that pop has in it is terrible for skin, digestion, carbohydrate ratio, and many other things. However, you have to drink something right? And plain water can get boring very quickly, especially if it’s with meals. So one thing that you can do for a substitute is to start drinking tea instead of drinking soda. Tea tastes great, has healthy antioxidants in it, and can be less expensive than soda counterparts.

Game Night for TV Night

If you have a TV night or movie night at your house, it’s probably not very interactive. Your family all sits down together and stares at the screen. But if you have a family game night instead, that promotes bonding as well as breaking everyone out of their usual social routines. Even one game night a week can make a big difference in the mental health of your family unit.

Early Mornings For Late Nights

Lots of families have at least one night owl in the mix. And this person tends to keep everyone else awake. It can seem like the relaxing and natural thing to do – stay up later, eat pizza and ice cream and watch TV. That’s not a particularly healthy routine, though. If you want your family to be healthier, you might try getting everyone up in the morning and eating a healthy breakfast and then go to bed at an earlier time in the evening.

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