Free Phone Apps to get you in shape and organized

New Years Eve is tomorrow and two of my goals/resolutions for the new year is to eat better and stay organized. I am on my iphone all of the time so why not use it to help me with my goals.

I did some research and found some great apps to help you eat better and to be more organized.

When you have to write or track everything you eat it makes you think twice before eating that cupcake.

Apps to help you eat healthier:

myfitnesspal-free-use on iphone,ipad, android,blackberry and windows phone

–tallies up your calories you eat each day. You can also track any exercise you do that day

imapmyfitness-free-use on iphone,ipad,ipodtouch

–tracking app uses your GPS to track your outdoor workouts

lose it-free-use it on iphone,ipod touch, ipad

–estimate of calories on the food that you eat, exercise database where you can calculate calories burned. It also gives you daily calorie budget

weight watchers mobile-free-use on iphone,ipad and android

–track food and activity, cheat sheets-best advice on what to eat when you eat at a restaurant, barcode scanner will tell you how many WW points, recipes

When you are more organized you can eliminate some of your stress in your life.

Apps to help you be more organized:

Mint-free-use on android, IOS, windows phone

–manage your budget and savings goals

Remember the Milk-free-use on iphone

–add to do lists, syncs with online version, organize with due dates, priorities and more

Ziplist-free-use on apple or android

–database of recipes, add ingredients to your shopping list, you can also email the shopping list to others

Red Laser-free-use on apple, android, windows phone

–scan barcodes to see how much they cost from a competitor

Groupon-free-use on apple, blackberry and windows phone

–local daily deals, track and redeem deals straight from your phone

Intuition+Mom’s Personal Assistant-free-use on iphone

–syncs with your google calendar, lists, calendars, mom tips and more

I have already downloaded some of these and plan on downloading more.

What are your favorite apps to help better manage your life and help you stay more organized?





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Declutter Challenge-Office

As most of you know I am participating in a DeClutter Challene that Mary Organizes set up. You can find out more information here

This week’s challenge is to clean your office space. Here is how the week is broken down.


Week #8 Guidelines

Office Areas

You will see a lot of papers this week. Get that recycling bin ready!

Sunday – Take the day off and mentally prepare for the week ahead. 91 days is a marathon, don’t let yourself get burned out by trying to sprint the first half! A day off to rest and re-focus is vital.

Monday – Desk drawers

Tuesday – Files

Wednesday – Printer station and school supplies

Thursday – Shelves, other furniture, and storage

Friday – Desk top(s) and surfaces

Saturday – The floor and anything else, then wrap everything up. Donate your donate items and Relocate your relocates. If a relocate item goes to a room you’ve already de-cluttered, then put it back where it goes. If the de-clutter item goes to a room that hasn’t been cleaned yet and it doesn’t have a place, just put it in the room.

I really don’t have an office per say. I made a closet in the basement in the last bedroom which I made into my exercise room. The closet is small and I really don’t spend much time in the office/closet except to look for items or to file paperwork.

Here is my before pictures, which is embarassing how bad it was.


It was such a mess I started on the bookshelf and cleaned it off by shelf and put like items together and put items that didn’t belong in that area where they were suppose to be. The desk was full of my son’s paperwork almost a year worth of his art work and other kindergarten paperwork. I also put a shelf up that I had to keep my desk cleared off. The file cabinets were a mess a lot of paperwork I just needed to file and other items belonged in other areas. I found a bench at Target on clearance for $30 and I think it all looks great.

Now it looks 100% better.



What do you think? How do you keep your office area clean?

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