Home Improvement Goals: Saving Money So You Can Spend More On Your Family

Many people are going to approach home-improvement from the perspective where a nicer home is a goal in itself. However, if you think from a broader viewpoint, you can start to consider that one of the reasons you want to do home improvement projects in the first place is to save money so that you can spend more cash on your family instead.

Consider this process. First you figure out how to get a home improvement loan. Then you choose a DIY route for accomplishing a task, thereby saving money. And then you figure out how to eliminate sunk costs in your household, freeing up some more cash. And then you think outside the financial box to determine value other than strictly in a monetary-based way.

Getting a Loan

For anything other than the smallest home improvement projects, you’re probably going to have to get a loan. As long as you know that you have the income to cover this loan over time, it really is better to pull the trigger and improve your situation as opposed to trying to figure out how to scratch together the money over time. After this loan is in, then you can figure out which home improvement projects to take on to start sorting out areas of your household that prevent you from spending good family time together.

Choosing the DIY Route

There are tons of DIY home improvement projects that you can do. Instead of spending thousands of dollars hiring a contractor, you can spend a few hundred doing it yourself. Also, if you do the project with your family, that’s a good bonding experience. So not only will you be saving money, but you’ll also be spending more time with your household tribe as well.

Eliminating Sunk Costs

There are sunk costs associated with certain household items or activities. And if you really want to save money, even if it feels like a sacrifice, you should get rid of these things. For example, if your family isn’t using that in-ground pool that’s costing you tons of money to maintain, it might be time to fill it in. Even though people wouldn’t consider getting rid of the pool as an improvement in most cases, you know that in this context that’s actually exactly what you want to do.

Thinking Outside the Financial Box

The value concerning your household and the quality of time that you spend with your family is not just going to be about the number of dollars that you spend. Quality time means focus. Quality time means understanding what everyone in your family likes to do. If you choose home improvement goals that increase the value of your family time as opposed to just the value of your home, then you’re headed in the right direction.

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Organizing my Kitchen Cabinets

I have a never-ending to do list. I have been wanting to reorganize my kitchen cabinets. I finally took the time today to empty all of my lower cabinets/lazy susans and reorganized them. The lazy susans drive me crazy I love the storage but it seems like no matter what I put in there everything gets thrown all around. I have been reading a lot of posts on Pinterest trying to get ideas.

I wanted all of my baking stuff all in one place. I had most of the stuff in the lazy susan but it was really hard to get to everything and see if I was low on anything. Here is what it looked like before. Sorry for the dark picture the best I could get.

before baking cabinet

I decided to move everything over to a pull out drawer that I had all of my pots and pans on. As I pulled everything out I checked all of the expiration dates to make sure nothing was expired. I added chalk board labels and other labels to the baskets/bins and now I just love it. Oh I also lined it with a really pretty liner that way of anything spilled it would be easy to clean up.

Here is what it looks like now.

after baking area


Oh my gosh I love it so much it looks so nice and I can see and reach everything so much easier.

I moved the pots and pans to my other lazy susan closest to the oven. I already had the lid organizer so I used that to hold all of the pan lids. Here is the before & after:

pots and pans IMG_1158

It looks so nice and organized now. Next on my list is to organize my upper cabinets.


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Re-organizing my makeup

I have a lot of makeup and I was using a hanging travel organizer. It has been working ok but I have to dig to find what I am looking for also I can’t really see everything I have. So I went to one of my favorite stores-Dollar Tree and picked up some organizing bins, glass containers and some accent jems.

Here is what it looked like before


I love how it turned out now I can see everything and access everything a lot easier. Here is what it looks like now. I separated out my brushes, put my eyeliners and mascara together, one for all of my lip glosses and the large bin for all of my eyeshadow.



I know it doesn’t seem like a big deal but hopefully I can look at it will help me not buy makeup for a while. Now if I can just stay out of Ulta and the makeup section at Target.

Tomorrow I am going to tell you my new favorite beauty products so stay tuned.


How do you organize your makeup?

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My New Favorite Organizational Product

I am always organizing and cleaning my house and looking for products that actually work and decent priced. My intimates drawer(underwear, bras and socks) has been driving me crazy it was always a mess and then I found these expandable drawer dividers. I love them. They are so easy to install and are spring loaded.

Now my drawer is all organized and it smells like cedar. No more trying to keep it organized.

Disclosure: This is my affiliate link.

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Organizing Baking Tools & Accessories

I have been trying to organize all areas of my home. I bake cakes quite a bit especially for my kid’s birthdays. My baking tools were a mess I was always digging through baskets and bags to try to find what I was looking for.

I found the perfect item that would organize all of my baking tools. I purchased the Bake stack from YouCopia.

It fits in standard kitchen cabinets and the units can be stacked on top of each other.

I love that it saves space and clears away clutter.

The Bake Stack includes :

18 easy fit drawer dividers-

  • 3 vertical
  • 6 small horizontal
  • 3 medium, large, extra large horizontal dividers

It is very easy to customize you just align the dividers into the drawer dividers and push down. The drawers pull straight out and lower so you can easily see and access what you need.

You can store icing, candles, sprinkles, cake tips and so much more in the Bake Stack.


I purchased my Bake stack  on Amazon. I wasn’t able to find one at any of my local stores.I paid $29.99.



Disclosure: This post does have affiliate links.

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Fresh Home e-book Bundle $100 value for only $15-start to get your home in order 08/11-08/15


I am so excited to tell you about this great e-book bundle. It is a great deal and will help you get your home in order.

A Bowl Full of Lemons and Clean Mama have come together to bring you an amazing set of e-books and tools. These fantastic resources will help you get your house clean and organized and your time in order. This exclusive bundle will only be available for the next five days, so grab yours now! While this bundle is valued at over $100, it is available to you, our readers, for only $15 (or less than $1.00 per e-book or tool)! “Fresh Home” is the perfect bundle to get you back on track as a new school year begins and new routines are being implemented in your home.

Fresh Home Ebook Bundle Ad

The “Fresh Home” Bundle is a collection of 16 e-books and tools devoted to getting your life in order. What’s included:

  • three cleaning e-books
  • one cleaning printable kit
  • one emergency preparedness e-book and printable kit
  • one babysitting kit
  • three time management e-books
  • six organizing e-books
  • one complete household binder printable kit

Everything you need to get your house clean and organized is in this fresh new bundle! Keep reading to learn the details about each home management e-book and tool….


Fresh Home Digital ebook bundle


Clean (Enough)
Clean Enough: Simple Solutions for the Overwhelmed Homemaker is packed full of practical tips and advice to encourage you in your high calling and help you become a less-stressed housewife.
Perfect Cleaning Schedule
Christine has put together an easy step-by-step plan for you to create your own cleaning schedule that fits your lifestyle, your preferences, and your family. It will help you Create Your Perfect Cleaning Schedule.
Cleaning Around the Seasons: Deep Cleaning On Your Schedule
Cleaning Around the Seasons is a comprehensive guide for anyone that needs to do some deep cleaning and doesn’t know how to start or where to fit it in to a busy schedule. With an easy to read style and quick start approach, you can read it and get started all in the same day.
Project Organize Your Entire Life
Inside this easy 50 page read you’ll find a new approach to starting down the road to a simplified and more organized life. Rather than instructions on how to fold your T-shirts or organize your pantry, you’ll take a look at your daily habits and weekly routines to start thinking differently about how to efficiently spend your time.
10 Steps to Organized Paper
Can you imagine being able to find ANY piece of paper in your house anytime you needed it? 10 Steps to Organized Paper will motivate, encourage and walk with you step by step while you turn your mountains of paper into organized systems.
Getting It Together
Getting It Together is an ebook designed to help you set up your own Home Management System that works. It includes a step-by-step tutorial, and over 30 printables that you can use to start your system right away!
The Busy Mom’s Guide to Getting Organized
Getting organized is the key to keeping busy moms sane. As a professional organizer (and mother of two active boys), Sara Pedersen shares her favorite tips and easy processes to guide you to an organized, efficient, happy life. You’ll learn how to organize your time, your clutter, your kids, and the abundance of paper and other things in your busy life.
Emergency Preparedness: Organizing An 8 Week Step-by-Step Survival Station In Your Home
Emergency Preparedness outlines step by step directions on how to put together an Emergency Survival Station in your home. The E-Book also comes with a “printables kit” for the Emergency Binder with several pages to fill out your family information.
Simple Living – 30 Days to Less Stuff and More Life
Need a bit more simple in your life but unsure where to start? Simple Living is written for you. Using minimalist principles Lorilee has created a 30 day course, taking less than 1 hour a day that she guarantees will give you a simpler life.
Who Knew? Get Organized Now!
All of us want to be more organized…and here are secrets and strategies for doing just that! In this ingenious book, the authors of “Who Knew? 10,001 Easy Solutions to Everyday Problems” reveal how to clear clutter once and for all, with ingenious organizing ideas, secrets for repurposing items you already have at home, and much, much more. “Who Knew? Get Organized Now!” uncovers hundreds of tips and ideas to help you clear away clutter and become more organized than ever before!
Tell Your Time
Tell Your Time: How To Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Free outlines Amy’s straightforward, step-by-step approach to controlling your schedule and ensuring the important things don’t fall through the cracks.
28 Days to Timeliness: Tips and Confessions From a Semi-Reformed Late Person
Full of useful tips and funny confessions, “28 Days to Timeliness” is packed with practical information that will help teach you how to manage your time so you can be on time.
Plan It Then Do It – Living on a Dime
“How To Get Organized” is designed to help you organize your time better. It includes pre-made schedules and lists along with information to help you make your own customized schedules.
Babysitter Notebook (JOYS)
JOYS Babysitter Notebook is a simple pdf for busy moms who want to empower their babysitters to make the best choices, no matter the situation.
Citrus Paper Company – Chevron Binder Set
Citrus Paper Company’s complete home binder printable set includes ALL of their binder printables to keep your life and finances organized and beautiful!
Clean Mama Printables – The Cleaning Kit
Clean Mama Printables’ Cleaning Kit is a comprehensive tool sure to streamline your cleaning routine and maximize the time you spend cleaning. This simple, printable kit has six original documents and introduction sheet that can be used together or separately – any way that works for you!
  • Please remember to back up your files. We are unable to send you copies of the e-books that have been deleted or lost.
  • Please do not share your bundle with anyone else – it is intended solely for the person who purchased the bundle. Please be respectful of the authors’ copyrights.
  • After purchasing, you will automatically receive an email (to the email address you provide) containing the download link. Please check your spam folder if you cannot find the email.
  • Please download and back up your Fresh Home eBook Bundle purchase. You have 5 download attempts to access your files. The download link expires on 10/31/13. After that date, we will not be able to provide new links to download.
  • Due to the digital nature of this sale, there will be no refunds available. If you do have questions regarding the downloads, or how to open and save them, please refer to the Frequently Asked Questions page before contacting us.
  • The Fresh Home eBook Bundle is only available from 9 a.m. EST on August 11th to 11:59 p.m. EST on August 15th.
  • If you have any questions or issues with any of the e-books or tools included in this bundle, please contact that author directly.


This post includes affiliate links, and I make a portion of the sale of each Fresh Home eBook Bundle. Thank you for your support of this site!

Fresh Home Bundle Preview

I am excited to tell you about a great deal coming up on e-books.  Clean Mama and A Bowl Full of Lemons have come together to bring you an all inclusive Ebook bundle with everything you need to get your home in order.

This bundle will go on sale August 11-15th starting at 8am EST. Only $15 for 16 e-books. Great price for a bundle of e-books to start getting your house in order. Stay tuned for more details.

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