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My son had soccer last night. It lasts an hour and is at a park. The park does have a playground but my daughter freaks out when I try to make her leave and throws a tantrum and kicks and fights. So this time I brought her own ball to kick around. She is 3 and wants to do everything her brother does. Plus I thought it would keep her busy.

Everyday I have a long list in my head or on paper of all of things I want to get done. I never feel caught up or feel like I get enough stuff done. I always feel behind. I love being a blogger but I always have so much I need to get done or a post I need to write. I feel like I am always on the computer or my phone responding to emails or supporting other bloggers.

The weather is finally getting nice out so my kids are always playing outside. I usually bring my phone or Ipad with me so I can get some stuff done.

Sorry back to last night I was on my phone responding to some messages and my daughter was just kicking around the ball by herself. I got up and started playing with her and we were just kicking the ball around she was smiling and having so much fun. She loves to pick up leaves and branches so we did some of that too. Then she looked up in the sky at started pointing at the clouds, then she laid down on the ground and said clouds; patted next to her for me to lay down next to her.

I don’t remember the last time I laid down and just looked at clouds. She loved them and it looked so beautiful. We laid there for at least 15 minutes and just stared at the sky before we had to leave,

It made me realize that I need to stop enjoy nature and see the world through my kid’s eyes and what they see is beautiful.

Here are some pictures I took

IMG_1217 IMG_1221 IMG_1220



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