The Easiest Ways to Increase Your Income

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Are you struggling for money? Do you live paycheck to paycheck, clearing your account at the end of
every week, with nothing set aside for luxuries or emergencies? Do you find that you can never afford
to do anything special or that you have to make cutbacks to pay for even the smallest treats? If so,
you aren’t alone. 8 out of 10 of us are in debt, with many of these people struggling to meet even
the minimum repayments.

While we’d all love to have savings, for many of us, low income, expensive childcare and huge
household bills make it impossible to set even a small amount to one side, even with
careful money management. The best way to save, whether for a rainy day or something specific,
is to increase your income. Here’s a look at some of the easiest ways to do just that.

Spend Less on Debt

If you are in debt, it can quickly start to spiral. Suddenly, you go from a small credit card debt to using another
to pay the first off. Then to covering everyday expenses with credit. Soon, you have multiple debts that you can’t
see how you’ll ever be able to pay off. A huge percentage of your income can go on the repayments.

While cutting down your debt repayment won’t directly increase your income, it will mean that you spend less
of it on effectively nothing. The best way to pay less on debt is to pay it off quickly or using debt consolidation
to ensure you are only paying one repayment and one lot of interest. Take a look at your budget and work out
how much you can afford to pay back, then set up a standing order to ensure you never miss a payment.


The best way to make cash short term is by selling things you already have. Take a look around your house
and gather anything you think could make money. This can be anything from old (even broken) electricals
to clothes and toys. Then, start selling them online.

Long-term, you’ll need to be more creative if you want to continue to make cash by selling online. But, there are
options. You could sell your services as a freelance writer, web designer, photographer, or anything else you are
skilled at. Or you could start selling crafts or clothes that you make yourself at home. Think of what you are good
at and ask yourself if others would be willing to pay for it.


Selling isn’t the only thing that you can do to make money online. If you just want a little extra pocket money
for treats or to help you pay off those debts, you could try online survey and review sites, website testing or
even sites that pay you to play games and watch videos.
Of course, long-term the best way to increase your income is through hard work and effort. Speak to your
manager about promotion and development or start looking for a better-paid job. But, until then, making a little
extra cash can be much easier than you might think.
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