The Household Duties You Simply Cannot Live Well Without

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If you’re a new homeowner, odds are that running a household is relatively new to you. It’s one thing to rent your own bedroom in a student house, or to rent small properties from landlords as you try and gain a foothold in your career. Owning a house is much more promising, difficult, and wonderful however. It does require a certain degree of skill to keep everything to function in tip-top shape.

Luckily, this can be achieved with the right outlook. Some household duties you simply cannot live well without, so it’s important to take care of them. Luckily, all this takes is the right scheduling and know how. The scheduling is down to you, but if you find a free hour here and there it’s well within your grasp. The know-how is in the following article, so it’s lucky you’re in the right place:




Of course, we’re not assuming you’re a messy or disorganized person. But how often do you commence long, thorough cleans? Ideally you should look to vacuum and polish behind the larger pieces of furniture at least once every fortnight, and to clean your property once a week. Your bathrooms might be well suited to more frequent cleaning than this.


Cleaning is not just vacuuming. It’s disinfecting potentially dirty surfaces, especially if you have children or pets. It means attending to messes as they happen, and wiping away the grime before it gets too much. It also means cleaning the areas you often forget about, such as the inside of a microwave or oven. It certainly means cleaning under the bed, despite how much you might have stored under there.


If you have children, a great way to build self-discipline is to have them clean their place along the same schedule that you do. Asking them to vacuum, polish and disinfect areas of their room at least once a week will help them care for their own space. If it gets messy, then that’s their own fault. Stop them from throwing dirty laundry all over the place by continually informing them of the benefits of tidying this up. Have them do their own laundry once in awhile to make them appreciate the work you do. If you all pitch in, then cleaning around the house is something that can be completed in a matter of an afternoon, and maybe even sooner than that.


Expenditure Maintenance


The costs of running your household are hard to ignore. You must continually ask yourself ‘can I find a better deal elsewhere?’ To compare electricity tariffs for example, you must assess your needs, apply with your location and see the most cost-effective or best service you hope to receive. This can help you lessen your energy costs. It might help also to purchase low-energy bulbs, as they are good for the environment and can also save you a pretty penny.


It might be other simple things that you might not expect that can cause pressure on your purse. For example, your child tracking mud into your beige carpets after a football game can be infuriating, and especially when it costs hundreds in carpet cleaning services. A little common sense and decorum taught to your children should help avoid fates like this (if you’re lucky!) It’s not always common for them to listen, but if you can prevent one in every two cases like this, you might have something to draw on.


It could be that your heating is draining your wallet, and not because you have the wrong tariff supplier. It might just be that the insulation you have is lacking and could use an upgrade, as money can often be wasted when it doesn’t actually warm your home effectively.


It could be simply budgeting for your home improvements. Sometimes people are so excited to install new apparatus and interior decors that they waste their moving in budget, which is real when waiting on salary payments from your career.




Security is important to take care of. Many people do not consider this until it’s too late, or until there is a report of a robbery near them. You can be targeted at any time for a number of reasons, so it’s important to ensure you prevent this to the best of your ability.


A great way to begin is to get a dog. Dogs do cost money in maintenance, but what they provide you in love they also provide you in security. Sometimes you needn’t even purchase a mean or large dog, especially if you have children. Simply a dog with a loud bark can be enough to cause a would be interloper to recoil from your property. The first thing a thief looks for is a dog, so sometimes a ‘beware of the dog’ sign could work well enough to terrify a trespasser away from your property, even if no such animal exists. Of course, that only goes so far.


Locks (preferably two to three on your main doors) should be everywhere. Not only on your doors, but on your windows, and in your outdoor areas such as sheds or garages. Try to use interior locks mostly, as key padlocks can be picked, and this is because they have remained largely the same in design since the eighteenth century. CCTV setups can work when you need to collate evidence of a break in, or simply the presence of which can prevent a thief from entering your property uninvited.


Floodlights are excellent also. Think about a thief sneaking up your drive, or someone trying to trespass in the dead of night. When the motion sensor is triggered (especially in hidden nooks and crannies,) a full blinding light will show that person in full form, and make them believe you have spotted them. This usually will cause them to run, as any aggressive action towards your property from then on out will require a very intensive commitment, and a huge risk of being caught or defended against.


With this you’ll find that your moving in period is seamless and smooth. We wish you the best in your new life!

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