The Specialized Methods to Learn Piano

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As we all know, there are several styles of music. In piano, we can learn to play classical music, jazz, blues or pieces of popular music.

Whether you study classical music or pieces of popular music or improvised jazz, you will face the same notes, the same chords, even almost the same rules. Therefore, you can pass in a relatively easy way from one style to another, learn both pieces of popular music and classical music.

In spite of everything, it is advisable to choose a method of learning the piano that corresponds to your aspirations. In jazz, for example, the chord numbering system is the American system. But above all, jazz is essentially an art of improvisation.

When you study classical music you do not necessarily learn to improvise. Learning to play jazz with the piano requires a specific pedagogy, a concrete method of learning focused on improvisation and, therefore, on harmony. Some classical musicians have very little knowledge in tonal harmony, while it is inconceivable to learn jazz without working harmony. For its part, classical music also has a particular technique, etc.

The method to learn to play the piano you choose will depend on your goals and the type of pieces you want to learn to play. Depending on your style of music, learning will be more or less difficult.You can learn to play autumn leaves chords with this free guide. Also with their premium jazz membership, you can learn much more.

Learning to play a piece of popular music is easier than learning a piece of classical music, due to the predominance of simultaneous chord sequences with the left hand, for example. Nor do we want to generalize: some classical pieces are very easy to play and some pieces of popular music are very complex.

All methods require motivation to learn to play the piano

You can learn all the musical styles on your own, working alone at home.

There are methods for each style: traditional methods of classical music, jazz methods, and popular music methods.

But to keep you motivated, do not throw in the towel and overcome the difficulties that you inevitably encounter, practicing with a private teacher with piano lessons is the best solution.


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