Three Common Reasons Couples Get Divorced And How To Avoid Those Pitfalls

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Everyone has heard the shocking statistics about how many modern marriages end in divorce. Ideally, no one would start their marriage thinking that they would eventually get divorced from their spouse. But sadly, sometimes things happen that make it impossible for a marriage to go on. In many cases, however, what eventually leads your marriage down the path to divorce could have been avoided. So to help keep you from becoming part of this statistic, here are three common reasons why couples get divorced and how to avoid these pitfalls.

Extramarital Affairs

One of the most common reasons why a married couple will get divorced is due to extramarital affairs. When there’s infidelity in a marriage, it can be very challenging for the trust that was lost to be rebuilt. But while you might think that it’s only physical affairs that are the issue, Shellie Warren, a contributor to, shares that many acts of infidelity in marriages start off just as friendships. These emotional affairs can soon turn into physical affairs. So to keep this from happening within your marriage, try to steer clear of friendships that seems to start heading toward something more than friends.

Falling “Out Of Love”

Another reason people will get divorced is that they simply “fell out of love” with one another. This can be scary to think about as a married person, as having your spouse fall out of love with you without notice can become a big fear. To combat this, Paul Friedman, a contributor to, advises that you avoid things like becoming too familiar with one another that you begin taking each other for granted, continuing to have effective communication with your spouse, and viewing your marriage as a real relationship rather than with a business mentality. Doing these things can all help you to keep your marriage fresh and help you to always act like you did when you and your spouse were dating or engaged.

Problems With Finances Or Professional Success

When there’s stress within your marriage, it can make it very easy to view your marriage as the thing that’s causing your problems and seek to dissolve it. However, Bela Gandhi, a contributor to, shares that the stress is oftentimes coming from other sources, like financial pressures or lack of professional success. To keep these things from destroying your marriage, make sure you begin your relationship knowing enough about each other that you understand each other’s feelings about finances and career aspirations. While these things can change over time, by being forthcoming about your feelings from the beginning, you can better deal with problems that might arise in the future.

To help your marriage stay strong through the years, consider using the information mentioned above to help you avoid some of the ruts other marriages fall into.

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