Three simple tips to make packing, moving and storage easy for you

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When changing homes, you should consider packing and unpacking services along with moving services. That will save you time and a lot of broken items. Hiring professionals lower the risk of damaging furniture, expensive electronic appliances, mirrors and heavier items. Packers and movers always have the correct packing items your belongings require and the proper techniques in place you need for moving. Whether you are moving within the city or moving out of state, professionals can make the time smooth and hassle-free for you.

Picking up the correct supplies

Before it is time to move, you need to finish packing, unless you have hired packing services as well. Start making a list of household items that you intend to take with you at least a month before the stipulated moving date. Begin accumulating the packing supplies at least two weeks before. You will need plenty of sturdy moving boxes, duct tape, labels, colored markers, bubblewrap, eco-friendly packing paper (instead of Styrofoam beads) and a couple of helping hands. To accommodate every type of item you have at home, stick to three basic sizes of packing boxes. Do not even consider stocking up on a cornucopia of box types. Only go for the thick cardboard ones or standard shipping boxes. It will be confusing and inconvenient.

Packing the heavy stuff

“The bigger boxes can weigh up to fifty pounds or more when you stuff hardbound books in them,” says the Marathon Movers in Boston representative. Heavier boxes always run the risk of cracking at the bottom or opening up at the edges. Try to stack two big boxes together and reinforce the corners with packing tape or duct tape. Be generous with the tape. It is smarter to avoid stuffing heavier items like files, canned goods, and books in bigger boxes. Use smaller boxes even if you need three in place of one. Small to medium boxes will reduce the chance of injury.

Start early and finish early

Never wait until the last moment to start packing. You might think you live a humble life, but even the most minimal city apartments have enough hodgepodges of items that may take at least a week to sort out and pack. At least take out one hour per day to log the items in each room and then pack the things according to the list. Sorting items becomes easy when you have a color-coding system in place. You can use different colors for different areas of the house or separate rooms. Make labels for fragile items and boxes that need to remain upright. Pack your mirrors, picture frames, glassware, light fixtures, television, speakers and other electronic goods with special care and extra padding. You will need some items immediately after you move like towels, clothing, bed sheets, etc. Always label them conspicuously for your convenience.

You can find standard size boxes easily on Craig’s List or the neighborhood grocery store. Try reaching a friend, who has recently moved. If you cannot find the correct sizes at free of cost, check out the dollar store for some. You can always sell them on eBay after you finish unpacking.

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