Tips For Choosing The Right At-Home Daycare

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These days traditional daycares are increasingly expensive, costing some parents over half their salaries.  These rising costs leave many parents searching for childcare provided in a person’s home.

Choosing the right person to entrust our children with each day is not something to be taken lightly.  Several things must be taken into consideration before taking the leap of handing our children over to strangers.

Follow these tips to keep in mind for ensuring that you choose the best at home daycare provider.

Request a Background Check

Even if this prospective child care provider comes recommended to you by all the parents in the neighborhood and err on the side of caution.

Requesting a background check is perfectly standard and you shouldn’t fear offending them.

While this person may not necessarily be a serial killer, they may have had a history of drug abuse, theft, or any variety of criminal activities that is best known beforehand.

Having a background check ensures that you know that much more about the person you are trusting to care for your children.

Verify If They are a Registered Business

Some at-home daycares may seem too good to be true on pricing.  Chances are this is because they are an unlicensed provider.  If you are ok paying under the table and risking potential problems with the IRS, then perhaps that may be your option of choice.

However, one of the main downfalls of an unlicensed provider is, while it may be slightly cheaper, you can’t claim child care expenses on your tax return without their child care federal tax code.

Being unregistered can also mean that they are not liable for your child’s injury, or any other hazards that may occur under their watch.

Talk To Fellow Parents

When scoping out an at-home provider, try to meet some of the other parents that send their children there as well.  Ideally, you will meet with someone that you choose yourself rather than a suggested reference of the provider.  This way you avoid any bias.

Ask a fellow parent what they believe the positive aspects, as well as the negative aspects, are.  Don’t be scared away by one negative aspect, as rarely is any place 100% perfect.  Weigh out the good with the bad and come to a decision based on what you think you can stand for.

If you truly are on a budget, perhaps the place you are able to afford will be serving lunches with hot dogs and goldfish, not grain fed organic free range chicken served on a bed of pilaf.

Speak Your Mind

Don’t be afraid to ask the provider tough questions and be upfront about your expectations beforehand.  By putting everything on the table initially, you can ensure that you are both a fit for each other without concerns coming up later.

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