Tips For Keeping Your Teens Out Of Trouble

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When it comes to being a parent the baby and toddler years are hard enough as it is.  However, the teen years come with their own set of challenges.  While your children may at this point be old enough to dress, feed, and bathe themselves, this doesn’t mean that they don’t have plenty of new things for you to have to worry about.

Teens tend to get into trouble a great deal since this is the age when they are starting to learn their limits and experiment with boundaries.  It is important to remember that this is completely normal and that you shouldn’t feel that anything is out of the ordinary or wrong with them.  Rather than panicking and assuming you are the only parent in the world going through this, remain calm and try the following tactics.

Show Them Statistics

Sometimes the greatest way to show your teens how to stay out of trouble isn’t by simply saying, “Don’t do this!” But instead, showing them why they shouldn’t partake in certain activities.  You should try to explain to them the results of dangerous behavior like abusing drugs and alcohol.

Sometimes it takes seeing the real effects of behavior presented in front of your face to get the big picture.  Being honest with your teenagers about how their choices can affect them, in the long run, is something that can be extremely impactful.

Here is a great website for tips about budget and money management for teens .

Be Honest With Them About Your Past

Try to talk to your kids about things that you have experimented with.  Be honest.  The more that you speak to your teens as a friend and less like someone that is towering over them with information, the more receptive they will be.

Since this age is so rebellious, it is best to try to level with them rather than be condescending.  This way of being and thinking doesn’t work very well when you want to get a message across effectively.

Spend More Time As a Family

Studies show that the more time you spend as a family the less likely kids is to fall victim to destructive behavior.  When you give them a solid foundation they don’t feel inclined to seek rebellious behavior.

Try doing things like family game nights, eating dinner together, or even just enjoying some couch time watching shows together.

Encourage Them To Be Honest With You

If you don’t leave the doors open between you and your teen, to be honest about what they are up to then you run the risk of them being too afraid to come to you when they have an issue. Make sure that they know you will always be there for them even if they think they will get in trouble.

Budgeting and Money Management

Here is a great website for tips about budget and money management for teens. Teaching children about money management is very important and will help them now and in the future.

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