Tips for Making Your Mommy Business Happen

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Mompreneur” is a term bandied about with both pride and reservation. Pride, because as a word it encapsulates the ability of women to “have it all”; and reservation, because it categorizes a woman as simply a mother, a procreating entity who chooses to “dabble on the side”. Nonetheless, those mothers who choose to venture into the unknown and attempt to get their very own start-up ideas off the ground, they’re brave ladies. It’s a fiercely competitive marketplace out there, regardless of gender, but these women have grown the type of claws that only get sharpened with motherhood. So it is that they could use a few tips for making their entrepreneurial hopes a reality. This post is for them.

#1 Your Business Plan and Finances

As a mother, you’re used to counting costs on a daily basis, making sure the family as an entire unit keeps functioning within its means, so your brain for finance has already been honed. Nonetheless, when it comes to facts and figures within business plans, don’t rest on your laurels or get distracted by the kids in double-checking the finer details. Business is money, and money is business. You don’t have to be an accountant of old to get it right, but it does take time and focus. You’ve likely have executive level organizational skills: utilize them now.

#2 Finding a Premises and Situating it Right

When all’s said and done and you’ve established funding for your start-up, whether privately or through a bank, you need a place to base yourself and your growing concept. Some mothers who venture into the entrepreneurial are quite content to get up and running from their kitchen table, as the expression goes, but not everyone can juggle an over-affectionate toddler while taking orders in a professional manner. Therefore, you’re going to want to go property hunting.

However, finding a premises is often the financial obstacle that closes down start-ups before they even begin. To overcome this, though, look into a mobile office or base. Used commercial vehicles are ideal to use when traditional buildings are too cost prohibitive. Added to which, the repurposing on them can be rather fun. Indeed, repurposing has resulted in home-spun business in itself. Nonetheless, just as finding a static office is dictated by its locale and accessibility for future customers, so too should you consider closely to what end a “mobile office” would serve your purposes, and where to park it, also.

#3 Branding is Beautiful

With funding and premises in place (whichever route you’ve chosen to follow in this respect), the most crucial step is marketing. Just remember that, although investing time and money into online marketing avenues via a brilliant website and thorough social media presence pays dividends in bringing to the public’s attention your services, real life appearances matter first. To this end, make sure your business is visually appealing, as well as offering unbeatable customer service and care. That includes yourself. For, as shallow as it seems, the aesthetics are what will draw them like moths to a flame to begin with.

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