Tips For Your Child’s First Year At School

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Getting your kid prepared for starting school is something that can be a lot to imagine.  You start to think about all of the changes that they will go through and worry about how they will adjust socially.  When your little one has been used to staying at home all day with you for their life so far, it can be a jolting experience suddenly having to wear a backpack, abide by a schedule, and follow a curriculum.

Rather than letting it take you by storm all at once, make it a process which you are prepared for.  By following these steps, you can ensure that your child’s transition into becoming a student their first year is successful.

Make It Fun

In order to get them ready for the change, you will want to make it something that they can get excited about.  You can make learning seem like a game by engaging them in educational activities at home which are similar to the ones that they will be doing in school.

When learning becomes something that they get excited about then this will carry on through the rest of their years in education rather than being something that they dread or see as a chore.  Try buying some interactive card games, watching education programs, or playing quizzes.

Start The Conversation Early

Try to start talking about school several months before they will begin.  When the conversation starts early then they can begin preparing mentally for the change.  If you just throw them into it without preparation or warning then they could panic and not accept the change.

You can start doing things like visiting other schools so that they can see what it’s like in a classroom setting and know what it will be like.

Stay Involved

Once they start class you should make an effort to walk in with them in the mornings and take a genuine interest in what they are doing in the classroom.  

You can walk around and let them tell you all about the things on the wall and perhaps the artwork that they have made which is displayed on the walls.  When you make this effort then they are given the permission to get excited and show off what they have accomplished to you.

Talk About What They Learned At Home

Every day after school you should encourage conversation about what they are learning and keep the conversation going.  When they take pride in telling you about what they accomplished and learned then you will encourage them to create even more memories to talk about the next time they come home from school.  This excitement is one of the greatest gifts that you can give them for their learning process.

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