Treatment of bed bugs – tips to keep the threat under control

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Good sleep is essential for good health, but unfortunately, you will come across a large section of the population that does not find it easy to sleep. Most of these people suffer from different conditions, some related to health that does not allow them to sleep comfortably. However, there is yet another section of healthy people who might fall asleep quickly but unable to sleep comfortably due to bed bugs. No matter how hard you try, keeping mattresses free from bed bugs is not always easy.

Luckily, it is easy to spot bed bugs as you can make out its presence from the rust colored spots which are its excrement. Besides, you would also find eggshells and skin shells that they leave behind. Early detection and quick eradication is the only solution, and you can hire a pest control company in Norman, OKfor the job.

Regular cleaning of mattresses and a few other measures can help to reduce the threat of bed bugs and even prevent its infestation.  It would help to avoid the problem of acquiring menacing proportions.

Vacuum mattresses periodically

Bed bugs stay confined in mattresses mostly, and this makes the task of its eradication easier as you need not look for it all around the home.  Regular vacuuming of mattresses after brushing and scrubbing it ensures that the dirt, dust, and grime together with other elements that the body sheds like skin flakes and hair get removed along with bed bugs that cling to it. Remove the trash bag of the vacuum cleaner immediately after vacuuming to prevent the bed bugs from coming back.

Provide a cover to the mattress

After vacuuming the mattress, to keep it insulated from bed bugs, put a cover on it with a transparent plastic envelope with zipper. It would prevent the new infestation of bed bugs and if you keep it covered for a year any bed bugs that might remain would die out as it can stay without food for one year only.

Keep the room clean

To keep away bed bugs, you have to create an environment that discourages it from making the place its home. Bed bugs usually love to reside in cluttered spaces as it remains undercover and does not like any exposure. Keep your room clean especially the places adjacent to the bed by removing all unnecessary items no matter how big or small it might be. The cleaner is space less are the chances of bed bugs going towards it.

Check the walls

Cracks in the walls are favorite hideouts for bed bugs. Repair the cracks in the wall and give the wall a fresh coat of paint. Even if you find that the wallpaper has created a crevice like the opening, bed bugs could get attracted to it because it is a calm and dark place for it to lead a peaceful life.

Although these measures could reduce bed bug infestation, you need to call professional pest control service to exterminate it.

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