Tullamarine Airport Car Park Costs – Why Are They So High?

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News reports about Australian airports increasing car park expenses are making rounds for a while. The Melbourne Airport parking expenses have grown phenomenally. There has been a whopping $10 or 34% increase in the fees on a daily basis. The Tullamarine Airport car parking fees too are increasing. Customers today for long-term car parks have to spend as much as $39 per day. The minimal charges of motorists have shot up over 30%, i.e., from $4 to $6.

Wondering what the scene with a short-stay car parking is? If you are having 24 hours halt, then you’ll need to spend about $56. Are you planning to pay through your credit card? If yes, then there’ll be a 2% extra on your bill with a credit card surcharge. With such high rates in place, reports reveal that one of the busiest airports in Australia is making as much as $400,000 from its parking fees.

Reasons for the steep car parking costs

Tullamarine airport also has been making enormous profits from its car parking fees. It’s partially because the commuters find it tedious to look for other options. The majority of them would rather pay an exorbitant amount and park near the terminal. Going back in 2016 – 2017 financial year, this airport had generated an amount of $397, 000 daily on an average from parking. After that, it also recorded a profit of about 60c out of every dollar. It summed up to an amount of $86.7 million for over 12 months. One of the reasons could be the swanky outlook and availability of high-end facilities.

But one of the main reasons why the high car park rates aren’t going down is because people don’t come across other accessible choices. However, today there are a couple of alternative and affordable options. You can check out https://www.unitedairportparking.com.au airport car parking services and many others as well.

Affordable car parking choices close to Tullamarine airport

Today, there are few decent service providers of car parking facilities close to Tullamarine Airport. These companies provide the best competitive rates. Regarding services, commuters can expect excellent service. From new-age license plate recognition to security camera surveillance, these facilities only make use of the modern technology. The devices have state-of-the-art technology which ensures a world-class customer experience. Furthermore, you can keep calm because your vehicle will be in secure hands during the entire tour.

These service providers also provide a park and fly option. You can make use of these in four simple steps as follows:

Be there at the service provider’s car park facility
Get your parking ticket
Go ahead and park the car
Get your keys and make a move
And for anything else, you will always have access to friendly and helpful staff to assist you. Don’t feel shy to voice up a query when you have one.

Travelers today like to travel within their budget. From airlines to hotels they try to opt-in for budget price options. Therefore, saving on your airport car park expenses in a place like Tullamarine is always a good bargain. You can browse online and select the service provider that suits your requirement the best.

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