Unveiling Some Alluring Traits of a Good Court Reporter

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Court reporting is an immensely specialized skill, so it needs a special person to become a court reporter. Not all can become a good court reporter. Below are some alluring traits of a good court reporter.

  • Punctuality- A good court reporter is one who is punctual and will reach the venue as per the scheduled time or a little early. It is punctuality that makes a court reporter highly valuable and reliable to clients.
  • Neutrality- Since they work in a court, a court reporter should maintain neutrality at the time of working on a case. In fact, upon hearing testimony, a court reporter should not share or discuss the opinions related to the case. A good court reporter is one who will record only what is spoken. He/she will not make any service contracts with a particular party over another. Rather they will equally treat every party offering the same services and maintaining a similar price structure for every party.
  • Confidentiality- A court reporter will be associated with various forms of legal actions. The testimony which is being recorded often is sensitive and confidential information. A good court reporter is one who is aware that the information which is heard during a proceeding should not be repeated anywhere else.
  • Proofreading, Punctuation, and Grammar- A court reporter will provide the spoken word’s transcript in writing. Whenever a witness speaks, they do not offer punctuation. A good court reporter is one who is aware of the punctuation rules and how the same should be applied to the words that are spoken. He/she will be perfect in proofreading while there will be no misplaced punctuation, typos or errors in their transcripts.
  • Business Etiquette- A good reporter will be familiar with as well as use good business etiquette and manners. They know the right ways to introduce a person in a circumstance where the parties are not familiar with one another. Most importantly they will be on time at all times. A good court reporter will dress appropriately for the business setting. For instance, if you hire a court reporter from Naegeli USA, you will be assured of the fact that through business etiquettes and good manners they will cement a business relationship.
  • Organizational Skills- Since most court reporters need to work independently they will have to balance a couple of activities effectively. Here organizational skills are a must to manage exhibits and witnesses at the time of the proceeding. This skill is also a must while making a transcript and delivering the same on time. A good court reporter is one who is reliable, well organized and will have organizational skills.
  • Customer Service- In any industry customer service is crucial and holds true in case of court reporting. A good court reporter is one who is dedicated to offering accurate transcripts and good service on time. He/she can anticipate the client’s needs and will be aware that good customer service is the finest means of building the best working bond with the clients to gain repeat business.

Apart from these, the other traits of a good court reporter include assertiveness, time management and also shorthand writing skills.

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