Watch Out For The Latest Roofing Trends Of This Year 2018

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Right from the beginning of the human era, roofing has been a predominant value for a proper lifestyle. The entire idea of roofing is much more advanced these days. It is not quite about the looks or the surface materials anymore. It is about environmental safety and the structural elements, which can help in holding up the roof for a longer period of time. The structural element should have connected trim, exterior surfacing of the roof, a soffit for shielding underside of roofing overhang and more.

Roofing is always exposed to weather and manmade elements. Therefore, it serves as first defense line between Mother Nature and home. Previously, it used to hold the basic role of protecting against harsh sun and precipitation. But things have changed over the past couple of years and roofs have now evolved into a pivotal designing element of your house. Talented and trained Roofers In Salt Lake City are given special training to work on customized roofing styles and design, just to match people’s variable mindsets.

Unlimited materials available now:

Almost unlimited roofing materials are now available at the touch of your fingertips online. Right from ceramic to metal, asphalt, concrete rubber to wood, and even composite materials; options are practically limitless. Each one is suited for various needs, styles, and applications. Even a part of technology advancement will help roofers to create roofing materials, which will work more than just keeping the weather out. Some of the expected features from modernized roofing are:

  • Structural integrity
  • Wind resistance
  • Soundproofing
  • Energy efficiency and more

Furthermore, myriad of shapes, colors, design choices and materials mean all roofing types will be durable and beautiful at the same time. Each option has its own layers of benefits when it comes to ecological soundness, costs, longevity, appearance, installation, and performance. So, the next time you are planning to get along with Roofers Salt Lake City to get the best option for your use, make sure to check out the latest trends taking place.

Eco-friendly option:

With every passing day, the environmental movement is on the rise. Consumers are rather demanding products to meet environmentally friendly standards. The same goes for roofing materials.


  • Addition of metal roofing:


For all the environmentally conscious people metal roofing is a star. The items are recycled completely and also ecologically sound when compared to other choices. If you are interested in generating solar power or harvest rainwater, metal roofing will offer distinct advantages. The items from Patriot Roofing and Construction are easier to clean with longer lifespan; raised panel joints for integrating easily with solar panel based mounting clips and more. These roofs can further be retrofitted right top of the current roof, without even removing.


  • Slate roofs are the next one:


Another one in this arena has to be slate roofs. These products are not just considered eco-friendly but also can be qualified as a durable option with long-lasting roofing materials. These slate roofs are well-designed and installed properly with expert help. Once installed, these roofs are going to last for centuries.


  • Fiber cement is the third one:


Among the green trim options, fiber cement is a noteworthy point. The items are rather stylish when compared to other eco-friendly roofing types and beautiful at the same time. The items are becoming quite popular mainly because of the durable and low maintenance cost. These blocks of cement are perfect blends of sand, concrete and wooden fiber. The items are waterproof, fire and insect proof, at the same time.

Mainly due to the concrete’s rigidity, soffit and trim boards won’t warp when installed proficiently. The items won’t even contract or expand, giving rise to some tighter installations to last long. Even though non-recyclable in nature, but fiber cement is inert in nature and won’t break or harm the environment. So, these products are ideal for higher moisture climates. The items won’t rot, giving rise to longer working span.


  • Now you have living roofs:


Another ultimate example of eco-friendly roofing has to be living roofs. This form of roof is mainly reserved for the urban dwellers or the commercial spaces with flat forms of roofs. A waterproof version of rubber is well installed first, followed by a drainage system and root barrier. After that, for the final stage, plants and soils are added. A living roof will be much like a park-like oasis in this hardcore urban area. You can use this kind of roof for growing food.

Energy conscious options:

Just to take this concept of eco-friendly roofing to a whole new level you have energy-conscious options. These are designed for offering proper insulation and lowering energy cost of the homeowner. You will further head towards roofs, designed to generate power through some photovoltaic cells. As the cost of electricity is always on the rise, using unused spaces of the roof for generating power is a great substitute.

  • The traditional solar panels used to sit few inches off actual roofing with the help of mounting clips and rails. But, new technologies under Roofing Salt Lake City category will provide you with shingles, designed to generate power.
  • A solar based shingle roof has its own sets of advantages to any paneled roofing option. Mostly, it is known for retaining that look of traditional shingled option and perfect for homeowners with restriction in the neighborhood. As the photovoltaic panel is larger in size and rectangular in shape, solar shingles can well be used for generating power on some smaller roofing planes when compared to traditional panels.
  • If you are planning to save energy rather than generating it, ultra-efficient roofing technology has already hit the market. It helps in creating an airtight envelope for saving money on your electricity bills. Roofing with the help of some barrier sheathing blocks will help in blocking around 97% of radiant heat from entering the attic of your place.
  • The market houses some précised engineered panels, which can increase the R rating of a house exponentially. So, that means, you have to use less energy for cooling or heating the interior of your place. The product is made after sourcing wood through a sustainable forest, which is another dose to environmental friendliness.

There are some specialized performance features, gaining worldwide popularity in terms of energy conscious roofing elements. Specialty or niche roofing materials are gaining quality responses from crowds, such as algae resistant, impact resistant and reflective form of shingle lines. The items are stated to be not just beautiful to look at but designed with some unusual properties, which are otherwise not expected from roofing. The use of reflective shingles in every household is gaining importance with every passing day for the sake of improving home’s efficiency level in terms of energy. Some shield lines are perfect for areas prone to hurricane, leading to structural protection at its best.

Adding designer roofing to the list:

For smart consumers, quality and performance go hand in hand with the appearance of a roof. Roofing manufacturers have taken this responsibility to increase the demand of consumers for some attractive options with various well-designed and innovative items, as crafted to be made eye-catching and attractive among users.  Specialty or niche roofing features are no doubt popular among the masses. Some of those are algae resistance, impact resistance, reflective form of shingle lines and more, as mentioned earlier.


  • Colors are in:


Right now, color is a huge trend among roofers. It is forming a major part of the design spectrum, and roofing falls within the same category. Manufacturers of tiles and shingles have added multiple new hues to their present offerings, which is currently expanding way beyond the browns and muted grey of traditional roofing yesteryears. Some companies are able to offer a wide variety of over 30 colors for laminated composed shingles. Right now, even metal roofing is available in all colors of the rainbow!

Experts further state that masonry and roofing materials are designed to last long. Therefore, it is vital to coordinate colors of both the options when trying out some bold colors. Avoid matching with the trim or siding only.


  • Next comes the texture:


Another major design element in roofing category has to be texture. It is of vital importance while designing any on-trend roof. Those days are history when a bold choice was only restricted to e-tab asphalt shingles. Right now, the market comprises of a composite, wooden shakes, dimensional shingles, metal roofing and ceramic tiles for offering various textual options, for complementing the appearance of your place. Some engineered roofing items are available with the rich and textured look of cedar or stale shakes. The items are available with the installation hassle, expense, weight or even higher maintenance costs.

While replacing roof:

When trying to replace the roof, it is vital that contractors and homeowners get to work together with accurate data of all time. Labor and factoring materials will be in need of proper measurements of angles, roof’s slopes, faces, angles, and overhangs. Experts are able to help the needful big time, especially while trying to work with the customized options.

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